Got some updated pictures of Cait's healing foot. She sat like a champ. . . Follow us to see witchy tattoos. . . #queer #witch #queerwitch #witchytattoos #hedgewitchtattoos #apprenticetattoo #tat#tattooentice #tattoo #tattoos #tattooideas #foottattoo #footsock #botanical #botanicaltattoo
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And so we say goodbye to winter + watery Pisces and start the astro year with fiery Aries! 🐏 Aries is a super fun, confident, and playful sign! They just wanna give you a hard time and punch you in the arm but don’t misunderstand! They love people and are always there to root for and uplift the underdog. Energetic and enthusiastic, they are full of great ideas, though sometimes they have a difficult time seeing projects through to the end. By far their most admirable trait is courage. 🐏 On a hard day, Aries might be impulsive, easily bored, hot-headed, and abrasive. But just wrestle them to the ground and make them think some great idea is their own and they will march off as the fierce and fearless leader we love and adore! 🐏 Aries season should have us feeling emboldened especially after Pisces season - a welcomed shift in confidence and energy! We spring into action! Our personalities might become bolder, louder, more present, and we might find our opinions quickly formed and pressing against our tongues. 🐏 To make the most of this youthful, spunky energy let’s consider the ram. Able to climb great heights. What ideas have we let marinate during winter? Which of those are we ready to plant and nourish? Aries gives us that playful push toward action! 🐏 Happy Astrological new year! Happy Spring! Happy Aries season! 🐏 little ram drawn for me by my beautiful witch wife @tarotharlot #Aries
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A couple of weeks ago I received the most magical little parcel from @cityxwitch and honestly it was like opening a birthday present or a letter from a childhood penpal, so I wanted to share. 💖 I ordered Tess' Manic Magic Melancholic perzine and their Releasing Shame essential oil roller, and they're both so perfect! Tess' attention to detail is wonderful, and everything is crafted with such care - from the hand-printed typewritten cloth bag, to the copper wax seal (swipe through for pics!) 🖤 My theme for this year seems to be working through and releasing shame, so I've been wearing the essential oil roller to therapy and my mh art group, and it just helps me feel a little more safe and supported - and it smells so good too 🌿
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Guess who’s back! We’ve been blessing up the shop, charging all of the goodies and sweet babes with all of this Equinox energy. We like to bless and charge the Rose of Jericho with dollars and fresh flowers to nourish its medicine of longevity and abundance. We have a good number in stock, pairs well with our Manifestation incense and the Van Van oil from @lightningmoonconjure
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🌹✨🌞✨🌹 Mental Reactions I can’t orient myself directionally, it feels like I’m lost in a bed of roses that’s taller than me in Bloomington, which has been my home for 5 Years. I’m in my in soul or in my heart or in my head, maybe even in my physical, structured apartment ~what a disembodying experience~ love and light ✨🌹🌙❤️🌙🌹✨ ... .. ... #HealingWitch #Healer #WitchesWithHIV #latinoamericano #crystals ##HIV #latinwitch #hypnosis #healer #Sacred #Brujo #Que#QueerWitch #Queer #QueerLatino #WitchesofInstagram #Flowers #Roses #FlowerWitch #FlowerPower #Int#IntersectionalHealer #IntersectionalWitch #Intersectional #Poetry
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