Island life with the Q team! #qualtricslife #christmasparty
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Some screenshots of the @llbean and @qualtrics video I filled in October. I wrote the second blog post about it. Check it out link in bio. Thanks to @brooksbycolor for the awesome work on color. #qualtricslife #llbean #beanoutsider #camping #canoe #c200 #canon #drone #inspire2 #dji#djiinspire2 #dji
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What a team 💪 #qualtricslife #sydney #australia
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Tyler Karian is a part of the Global Operations Landing Team in Qualtrics’ Sydney, Australia office. Prior to this role he was a Product Analyst on Qualtrics’ Quni team, as well as an Operations Analyst and a member of the Digital Support Experience Team. He holds a Bachelors in Physics and Astronomy and one in Mathematics Northwestern University. Any tips for someone who is considering an opportunity at Qualtrics? If you want to work at a place where you can have an instant impact and surround yourself with brilliant people in a fast-paced, always changing tech environment at a company that truly cares for its employees, Qualtrics is a perfect fit! Find out more about Tyler on our #QualtricsLife blog
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Meet Tyler... Hear more about his 'why' on our #Qua#QualtricsLife blog.... Why Qualtrics? The ability to have ownership of work that has a lasting impact at an early stage in my career. A running joke at the Q is how quickly you start to feel like you are no longer a new hire. Since I started here over three years ago, the company has tripled in size and I’ve seen tons of new teams formed and new projects that need owners. This growth means employees have an accelerated timeline to impactful contributions and impact throughout the organization. I’ve had the opportunity to tackle six different roles / projects at the company, and more than half of them didn’t even exist when I started the one previously! This has enabled me to develop a wide range of skills and given me the ability to spearhead initiatives that touch thousands of customers and employees. What attracted you to Qualtrics in the first place? Definitely the trajectory of the company. They were in the earlier stages of insane growth and signs only pointed to it continuing to grow. Both my recruiter and interviewing manager mentioned the need for candidates who were looking for “a spot on the rocket ship” which really resonated with me and was a big reason I started the process. #Rocketship #QualtricsLife #JustGettingStarted #Career #Impact #Growth #NewEmployee #CareerTrajectory
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