Thomas Kortz @kortzfitness
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We try hiding ourselves from the reality  For sure one will lose the sanity  Our every greed will be measured  And every deed will be treasured... #wetplatecollodion #wetplatephotography #foto #portraitphotographer #picoftheday #portraitpage #pursuitofportraits #portraitperfection #makeportraits #portraitsmag #portrait_ig #portraitoftheday #photographer #visualarts #photocollage #instadaily #instagood
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Life isn't easy right ?
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Poet/Rapper @hakeemfurious has been hosting and performing at various poetry slams and fundraisers across the nation, but this Sunday he's throwing a private rooftop party and we're bringing the energy for the whole night! Stay tuned for recap photos and details. 📸|@godofgroove |Minolta Freedom Zoom EX| |35-70mm| |LomoChrome Purple 400 | ▫ #peace #love #GrooveOn
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3T 1) I try not to force things when I write a caption, but lately I’ve been running dry. Where do you guys draw inspiration for yours? 2) While looking back at portraits I took a few years ago, and I find it pretty amazing to see how far people have come from then to now. If we’ve crossed paths, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey 🙏 3) When people ask me which photos I enjoy, I’ve started comparing photography to the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. MJ & Vince didn’t need to jump over cars to make history. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the trends, but the ones with less gimmicks, to me, stand the test of time 🤘 Thanks to @shotbygl514 for not overexposing this photo
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