With the holiday weekend in full swing, don’t forget that peer pressuring sucks. If someone doesn’t want to drink, you say, “okay.” Not, “Aw, come on.” Or, “Just one.” Or, “Why not, that’s no fun.” Don’t be a jerk, don’t pressure anyone into drinking.
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Tomorrow, @victoriadollins will be dancing in her 1st recital in 3 years. After the recital we will be celebrating her completion of 8th grade and looking forward to her high school years. This cake is at the top of my list of favorite cakes that I have made her through the years. I love the glitter cake topper from @prettyprintshoppe #cakes🎂 #classof2018🎓 #balletdancer #letthemeatcake #celebrategoodtimes
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FIND YOUR PEOPLE❤👯 . . What qualities do you look for in friends? Someone asked me this and I had to think about it🤔 Because honestly I pay attention to how people make me feel and their energy rather than certain qualities. . . If I had to pinpoint it I'd say I look for friends who I can trust, who uplift me when I'm down, who are supportive, kind, positive and fun to be around!😊 . . Also bonus if they love my quirky/silly side😂🤗 . . Man the world is a much better place with good friends by your side🙌👯 Love all my gals (new friends, old friends, clients, coworkers!) You know who you are🤗❤ 📸by me of @worth_wellness 😄 . . Tag your bestie below 😘 . . . . #womeninbiz #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #creativeentrepreneur #theeverygirl #girlboss #bloggingbabes #pursueyourpassion #womenentrepreneurs #bodypositivity #bodypositivitymovement #embraceyourself #selfloveisthebestlove #bopo #bodylove4all #findyourtribe
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