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O tempo não perdoou passa rápido jogo se inverte #sexo #sexyvideos #sexoforte #machomam #vida #prudence #jotex
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Blessed Mabon and Happy Fall 🍁🍂#mabon #fall #tarot #hermit #prudence #rougery
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Nos embalos de sábado a noite. Bom fim de semana galera #olla #prudence #dopostonao #cospefora #leitenãécaro #pampers
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Soyez prudents... des gens dans la communauté, sur Instagram et certains sites web, partagent leur vécu et c’est essentiel et important. Quand des personnes se mettent à partager des conseils médicaux, poser des diagnostics, suggérer des régimes curatifs ou des exercices physiques, le tout sans autre connaissance que leur expérience-patient, c’est dangereux! N’oubliez pas de faire attention. ****** Be careful... People in our community, on Instagram or a few websites, are sharing what they go through and that is essential and important. When people start sharing medical advice, giving diagnosis, suggesting curative diets or physical exercices, all without other knowledge than patient experience, that is dangerous! Don’t forget to be careful. #fakeexpert #patientexpert #fauxexpert #limites #prudence #careful
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Just eating lunch on the screened porch by myself (and #lucydoodlemartin) thinking about how lucky I am for our next door neighbors. On one side, we have a police man and his wife who have three sons, older than mine (one is also a cop), who generously passed down boy clothes and toys to us through the years. One time I was really sick (dehydrated and pregnant) and we had to call an ambulance and the next thing I know, our neighbor was in my bathroom, responding to the call. Our new neighbors just moved in after a year of marriage (no kids yet, though Maggie is claiming babysitter) and the wife is a nurse and the husband is a firefighter/paramedic. With all of my anxieties and seven wild, rambunctious kids, it’s so nice to feel safe and protected from both sides in case of an emergency (God forbid). On top of all that, my parents live below us and give that added level of security when one of our teens is babysitting. For years I prayed for a different house (we live in a second floor condo) but now I understand God’s perfect plan was just a few years in the making and way better than I could have imagined. #patience #prudence #prayer #peace
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