Tape up. #gobiesrgüd
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“...in wildness is the preservation of the world.” -Henry David Thoreau #adventurereadyspirit #hawaii #808 #abovetheclouds #explore
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While walking down this path in Red Rocks today I looked at the staggering amount of dog shit (bagged and unbagged) left along its side. I caught myself shaking my head in disgust and getting annoyed at the people who chose to leave it there. Then two new thoughts entered my mind: (1) I am only hurting myself by inviting such judgement and sweeping, frustrating things to invade my psyche - yes, such thoughts only hurt me. And, I also realized I was mentally complaining without taking action and I asked myself (2) “What are you doing about it, Stefani.” Well, I’m gonna pick it up. That felt way more productive - and closing my eyes really helped too 😆. •••••••••••••••••••••••• 📸 @climbsrock •••••••••••••••••• #redrocks #redrockcanyon #trashfreetrailsproject #adventurelikeyougiveadamn #hike #preservethegood #theclimberspact #leaveitbetter #adoptacrag #protectpubliclands #cragdog #dogowner
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The playground of the day has now borne witness to more of my “oh shit” moments than I care to admit. Between you, me, and the rocks, I was pretty relieved to soak my hands and rinse some scrapes in the snowmelt runoff in the creek at the bottom. Why do I do these things? Because getting comfortable with the discomfort is important to me. I put myself in situations where I know I’ll be manageably uneasy so that I can practice the skill of breathing through it and continuing to act skillfully in the face of discomfort (of any kind, but particularly of fear). If I only ever hung out in the zones where I feel safe and comfortable, I’d never get better at anything. And in moments where I’m forced out of those zones, (And you’re a fool if you think that will never happen to you) I wouldn’t know how to hold myself together. It isn’t reckless, It’s intentional. And anyway, it’s fun 😈. ... #wildchild #livingyoga #mountainlife #wasatch #bigcottonwoodcanyon #getrad
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Walking through a forest of Saguaros 🌵🌵 📸: @az_droneography . Care about the National Parks? Us too. Join us in protecting them. Shop Seek More Wilderness today - 50% of profits donated to protecting National Parks. Check out our latest gear today! _____ Bring us along on your adventures! Tag us @seekmorewilderness or #seekmorewilderness for a chance to be featured with other park enthusiasts! _____
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Fortynine Palms Oasis. A bighorn sheep watering hole in the middle of the Mojave. > > #jos#joshuatreeonalpark #joshuatree #california #nat#nat#nationalpark #explore #nationalpark #protectpubliclands #nationalpark #explorecalifornia #exploremore
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