🍒SKINCARE🍒 By popular demand ya’ll wanna know 😂 For me, it’s all about diet! Whenever I splurge or have cheat meals my skin definitely knows what’s up 😫 I try to eat foods rich in collagen (red capsicum is my fav) and daily vitamins help. I use pretty standard skin care products and my face is pretty normal/oily. I never sleep with makeup on and I try not to wear it as often. i always splash my face with cold salt water in the mornings to rebalance my face oils and well, wake me up. Whenever I’m washing my face I use cold water so my pores don’t get any bigger than necessary (you’re welcome). You just have to do what works for you ! Hopefully this helps you lovely gals who are interested, but fortunately for me I’ve been blessed by the skin gods Also stay away from males- they cause wrinkles ❤️❤️❤️
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I clearly have two sides 😉🤘 📸: @eviheijligers98 ❤ ° ° #photography #class #profileshot #lightroom #weirdhastags
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Loooove this Christmas teaser from our set yesterday!!🎄❄️🔥#christmas #santashat #garters #redlips #lashes #teaser #photoshoot #instagood #profileshot
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So much love for these skies at the moment. Twilight fell: The sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars. #festive #wolf #profileshot #sun#sunset #sky#sky #sky #sunset
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The sweetest look upon Helsinki's shore 🖤 @johannagronholm
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