#Youngprofessionals joining our conference on Nov 27th get to choose from 1 of 3 breakout sessions! Carla joins us as a speaker with "Managing up, out & around"! Carla joined @gsk in 2010 as Senior Director of Payer Marketing Promotions Administration in the Managed Markets and Government Affairs business unit. In this role, Carla led a team responsible for above brand payer strategies, tactics, and operations and business planning. Additionally, while in this role, Carla and her team established the Pull Through Center of Excellence. Learn more at #Whypn18! #raleighyn #raleighnc #professionaldevelopment
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I’ve been freelancing in LA for about 4 years. During that time I’ve been a: •Assistant Stage Manager •Stage Manager •Graphic Designer •Retail Worker •Producer’s Assistant •Intern •Restaurant Host •Nanny •Barista •Speaker •Blogger •Face to Face Fundraiser (my absolute least favorite job) •Event Planner •Social Media Manager •Communication Coordinator • (and probably a lot of other hats and titles I’ve forgotten) . . The point is I’ve spent a lot of time floating around doing random shit to try and figure out what I actually wanted to do. I’ve pretty much always been freelancing or side hustling, it just took me 4 years to admit that’s what I was doing. • • Luckily now everything I do is related to the arts and my side hustle is just my regular hustle and I’m excited to see where is goes.
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If one of your major goals within the next 3-6 months is to own your own home, 🏡 purchase a vehicle, 🚗 or get funding to start your own business 🏬 comment "INFO" or inbox me to learn how YOU can get the following things REMOVED from your credit report: 🚫Child support ✅ 🚫Student loans ✅ 🚫Medical bills✅ 🚫Late payments✅ 🚫Collections✅ 🚫Bankruptcy ✅ 🚫Evictions ✅ 🚫Repossessions ✅ Any negative item on your credit report that is affecting your score can be DELETED‼️ Comment ➡️ "INFO" ⬅️ below. . . . . . #womenceoproject #entrepreneurs #marketing #womenentrepreneurs #business #onlinebusiness #mot#motivation #leadership #inspiration #marketingdigital #womenentrepreneurship #businesscoaching #coaching #success #chicago #girlboss #professionaldevelopment #houston#womenpower #cali #womensupportingwomen #businesswoman #motivation #NewYork
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This time last year I had to postpone my #NLP certification due to unforseen circumstances. I thought 2018 is agessss away! So in March I went and completed the first component of my studies, my NLP Practitioner Certification. I really enjoyed it and it opened up a new world for me. (Highly recommended to all!) And just yesterday I completed my Masters NLP Practitioner Certification! I am so excited about what this will do for me and my coaching clients. There has never been any other techniques I have learnt that clear up negative emotions and limiting beliefs quicker. Looking forward to enhancing my studies with further Trainers Training and Hypnosis Training next year 😍😍😍 it no longer feels ages away as I know it will be here before I know it! #mastersnlp #masterspractitioner #coaching #personaldevelopment #professionaldevelopment
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Like Bake Off, we’ve all got our favourite weeks. This week I’m in Newcastle delivering week 3 of my Professional Game course which is all about thought-provoking journalism: ‘the discerning professional’s cultural diet’. Last week was about upping general knowledge with a particular focus on Brexit - it couldn’t have been more timely if I’d tried/had a crystal ball 🧠🔮
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