Fueling up for the weekend!
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Hawaiian Burger is on the menu this week! Black bean & basmati rice patty, grilled organic pineapple, avocado, organic romaine, and house made garlic aioli. See you soon!
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Have you tried @kashayayogurt live probiotic yogurt yet? Dairy free, organic, and locally made. 13 strains of live bacteria! Kashaya yogurt can: Support of proper digestion and elimination. Balance of the microbiome and facilitate elimination of "bad bacteria". Available at @pressdkitchen and @pressdjuicebar πŸ’š
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We're stocked with cold pressed juices and healthy snacks to make your Monday a little brighter! Also grab a curry sweet potato taco while you're in to curb those afternoon cravings
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This beautiful tofu bowl this week at the Kitchen! Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of our new years cleanse special. We have just a handful of spots left.
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Starting the year off strong πŸ’ͺ Apple, Lemon, 3x Ginger to help ward off illness 2018 calendar to keep organized Healthy and happy foods filled with good vibes. This week we have the Hot Havana Wrap and our Cauli-"beef" tacos Don't forget about our cleanse special - only 3 more available dates!
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Happy New Year's Eve! We are open tomorrow, from 10am - 3pm Don't forget we have a cleanse special! Next available dates are 5, 6, & 7! Cheers to a healthy and happy 2018!
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Its finally here folks, our annual cleanse special! Take $20 off any of the listed dates in this ad. Please be sure to read the fine print This year we've included additional dates for those who request a cleanse with very little sweetness πŸ’ͺ We are taking orders at both locations (@pressdjuicebar & @pressdkitchen ). Please PM us if you have any questions!
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