Spot, circle, count + trace ✏️ So many different skills being practiced in an activity that is perfect for little learners + lasts mere minutes. 👌🏻 📷: @npsb11 | Bitty Beginnings’ Preschool Set
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My daughter is really into sparkles right now (what two-year-old isn’t?) We set Easter-themed cookie cutters on a tray (outside!) and sprinkled the sparkles over them to make their shape. After, we didn’t want to waste any sparkles at all, so we made a ‘magic fairy dust’ for the Easter Bunny and talked about his what his magical powers are. Two year olds are so much fun! ✨💫
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Love this! #teaching is a work of ❤️#preschoolteacher #teachermonica❤️ #sundayschoolteacher
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“Love is much more than a big red heart!” This is a surprisingly delightful twist on the typical color book. From waking up to bedtime, we follow a little boy on his colorful journey, interacting with the world he loves along the way. . #readingismydailyjoy #thedailyjoy #findingjoyintheeveryday #tinagallo #tonyneal @crayola @simonandschuster #colorsoflove #storytellingmomma #toddlermom #kidlit #childrensbooks #colorbook #diversebooks #teachersofinstagram #librariansofinstagram #preschoolteacher #teachersfollowteachers #bookstagram #readaloud
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If you don’t know me I love Pageants I’m miss spirit of Fulton County trying out for the title of miss spirit of New York. My platform is @girlscouts because I love to see girls helping out their community and making a difference and also learn responsibility ❤️ I love being a role model to both girls and boys at my job they always go home with a bright smile 😊❤️ #feelingblessed #girlsscouts #preschoolteacher #fulmont
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