A proper weekend with the rig this weekend hauling boats and boaters hither and dale. Finally found the 20 minutes needed to swap the seat bar bushings today. Much quieter over potholes and railroad tracks. #powerstroke #powerstoked #sevenpointwheee #overlander #overlanding #pnw #pnwet #hoodriver
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Midwest truck gonna have Midwest problems. Noticed a leak yesterday in one of the power steering cooling lines. It got worse over night. O’reillys didn’t have the line assembly in stock, so I got $12 worth of 3/8 transmission oil cooler hose, 3/8 brass fuel line unions and some hose clamps. Cut out the line and spliced in hose between the reservoir lines and the cooling hose. No leaks and steers smooth! I’m sure this won’t be the last rust related problem I tackle on this rig though. #powerstoked #powerstroke #diesel #sevenpointwheee
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When I picked the camper up we had to load it with a fork on a tractor because the jacks were too short and too narrow to straddle the flatbed. I couldn’t use the factory tripod feet with the narrow width, As they’d get caught by the wheels. I knew I’d have a chore getting it unloaded. Steel shop was closed on Sunday, but I picked up some scrap sign stands of some kind for $12 at @bringrecycling and fabricated some new feet that could be run over as they air flush to the ground. I also made a small extension with some longer jack-bracket bolts and larger nuts for spacers. Took about 12 hours of thinking, 3 hours of cutting & welding and 20 minutes to unload it and rest it on the saw-horses once everything was done - first try. Now I got a home for the home-on-wheels. #jaycocamper #ove#overlanda> #powerstoked #sevenpointwheee #powerstroke #7point3 #myoverlandadventure #overland #overlandbuild
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Newest addition acquired. 1994 Jayco sportster. Needs some modification to fit the wide and y’all flatbed with the factory jacks, and a little TLC on the inside. But she’ll do. #powerstoked #powerstroke #ove#overlander #myoverlanderbuild #overlanding #overland #overlandbuild
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