MIND OVER BODY!! The body will quit on you long before the mind will 🧠 💪 Never give up. Never quit. If you can think it, you can DO IT!! #motivation Here is the story: - - - - - - "Micah Herndon is a Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He crawled across the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday refusing to quit despite his body shutting down. During a tour in Afghanistan in 2010 his unit was hit by an IED that killed 3 people (Marines Mark Juarez and Matthew Ballard, and Rupert Hamer, a British journalist). He ran this race for them. An INCREDIBLE display of will and strength. #bostonmarathon #marine #marines #military #usa #america #neverquit #mindoverbody #mindovermatter #powerofthemind #powerful #dedication #determination #heart #pushthrough #DieFirstThenQuit #fuckaverage #fuckexcuses #nofear #livelife #GodBless #finishline #victorylap #empower #missionaccomplishment #honor #usmc #bostonmarathon2019 #IEDsurvivor
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The evolution of the human being is, first of all, the evolution of its conscience and it can be considered as the development of powers and possibilities which cannot develop in a mechanical way, but are the consequence of the exercise of its will and of its awareness. The spiritual evolution is an extraordinary act started by the use of the free will (Chiah). The awakening of the Inner God cannot be the result of a mechanistic process of laws, rather the progressive taking of conscience of the nature of this reality and the capability to evolve through the “right choice”. Through the personalities, the divine principle participates in a dynamic process of forms till its complete realisation in them. We are not human beings that must become “gods”, but we are gods (or better fragments of God) exploring the human principle through this “reflection of the Reality” we call manifest existence. As “God” we mean the Ideal Identity of the innermost nature of each human being. That Primeval Force develops in parallel with the Whole and it isn’t something still: it wants to grow and grow. At the beginning of life we have “inherited” the seed of that power and, whether we understand it or not, we let ourselves be “used” to extend Its knowledge, so that every time we learn “It” learns too. The God, the Numen, needs the human being to run across the roads of the universe: only mankind can guarantee integration, a closing of the circle. Without the conscience of the human being, God cannot take knowledge of itself and the human being, in turn, can complete its existence only by taking conscience of the All. We previously said that, according with a universal principle, if a dimensional plain doesn’t produce an adequate result of complexity it will be synchronically dissolved into laws to strengthen others, or re-configured (we can think of the myths of the universal flood or the fall of Atlantis told by Plato).*cont* #StayWavystarseeds #636Gawds #spirituality #magick #wellbeingwarrior #spiritualpath #khensukeku #ancientegypt #gnosis #IDLEGAWD #IAmWellAndGOD #knowthyself #gnostic #powerofthemind #youaremagic #soulwisdom
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A reply i had to a coworker complaining about his extremely simple position being so difficult. Thus is very true, mankind has constantly overcome obstacles that any other race never would have even attampted. Building walls to defend a city, great monuments reaching for the sky to touch the gods, reaching the very heavens themselves. Constructing globally encompassing civilisations in mere millennia, creating life prolonging techniques and even the building of an infrastructure that connects the globe in a way that I can send this post to all. Difficult tasks? To us perhaps on an individual basis, but to those thatbhave accomplished this it was easy. For they put their minds to it and ignored the difficulty and adversity in their accomplishments way. To fit the theme i recreated the highest difficulties symbol from Agents of Mayhem. What do you think? #agentsofmayhem #difficulties #simplicity #mindset #overcomeobstacles #submission #powerofthemind #complaints #wordsofwisdom #philosophicalquotes #tattooideas
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I haven’t written one in a while, sorry for my absence 🌹 Hope this one brings value to the ones who need it ❤️ Link in bio 👆🏽
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Know what you are worthy of 💗 "God didn't give you the strength to get back on your feet so you could run back to the same thing that knocked you down" #powerofthemind #happiness #joy #mindset #love #strength #perserverence #lookforthegood #fai#faith #success #motivation #quote #positive #selfcare #selflove #selfcontrol #worth #selfworth #faith
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While the power to think logically was absent among the Atlanteans (especially the earlier ones), in their highly developed memory they possessed something which gave a special character to everything they did. But with the nature of one human power others are always connected. Memory is closer to the deeper natural basis of man than reason, and in connection with it other powers were developed which were still closer to those of subordinate natural beings than are contemporary human powers. Thus the Atlanteans could control what one calls the life force. As today one extracts the energy of heat from coal and transforms it into motive power for our means of locomotion, the Atlanteans knew how to put the germinal energy of organisms into the service of their technology. One can form an idea of this from the following. Think of a kernel of seed-grain. In this an energy lies dormant. This energy causes the stalk to sprout from the kernel. Nature can awaken this energy which reposes in the seed. Modern man cannot do it at will. He must bury the seed in the ground and leave the awakening to the forces of nature. The Atlantean could do something else. He knew how one can change the energy of a pile of grain into technical power, just as modern man can change the heat energy of a pile of coal into such power. Plants were cultivated in the Atlantean period not merely for use as foodstuffs but also in order to make the energies dormant in them available to commerce and industry. Just as we have mechanisms for transforming the energy dormant in coal into energy of motion in our locomotives, so the Atlanteans had mechanisms in which they — so to speak — burned plant seeds, and in which the life force was transformed into technically utilizable power. The vehicles of the Atlanteans, which floated a short distance above the ground travelled at a height lower than that of the mountain ranges of the Atlantean period, and they had steering mechanisms by the aid of which they could rise above these mountain ranges. *cont* #StayWavystarseeds #khensukeku #xnswkkw #iamwellandGOD #spiritualpath #powerofthemind #636Gawds #magick #spirituality
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