This is for all the mamas out there who might be struggling with loving their postpartum bodies: confidence + self love + feeling beautiful does not have to start when you have a flat stomach or abs. You don’t have to wait for your thighs not to rub together or for your arms not to jiggle. You can start loving the body you’re in from postpartum day 1. Yes, it’s gonna look and be different (lord knows I have more loose skin now than I did before having my sweet boy) BUT I work on my confidence everyday by showing up for myself in my workouts, when I read personal development, when I work on my marriage and being a better mom, and when I take time for ME. You don’t have to wait to fit any sort of mold or look like another stranger on Instagram to love yourself, so start NOW. Tag another mama or two that might need to hear this 💕 . . . . . . . . . #startwhereyouare #myfitnessjourney #athomeworkout #bejuststrong #nogymnoproblem #fitmomlife #momswhoworkout #momfitness #fitmommy #strongmom #stronglikeamother #strongmama #postbabybody #postpartumbody #postpartumhealth #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #postpartumweightloss #postpartumbelly #postpartumworkout #postpartumexercise #postpartumsupport #postpartumnutrition postpartumfitnessjourney #bodypositivemovement #bodypositivefitness #tiumom #tiumoms #tiupregnancy #tiutransformation
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I literally get messages weekly.."you are such an inspiring mom and person. I want to join so bad but I just dont have the time"😊 . I used to be the "I could never do that or dont have time" girl. 🙋‍♀️ . Until I sat down and really looked at how I was utillizing my time and developed a mindset of it's ok to have 30 minutes of me time to workout and feel good about myself . You have to DONT have to workout every single day, you DONT have to live a life of restriction and you DONT have to be and shouldnt be miserable while you workout. . You have to start with believing in yourself and finding the right program and that's what Im here for! . Message me or drop an emoji below for more info on our April accountability group 💕💕👍
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Taste-testing this seasonal greens soup from @thefirstfortydays. Spinach, chard, leeks and parsnips with quinoa for extra protein and energy. Warm and nourishing... perfect for this rainy Virginia evening. #postpartum #postpartumdoula #postpartumnutrition @motherbees
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“Don’t bother, once you have kids your body will never come back.” - “When you have kids, you won’t have time to get a workout in.” - “Eating well is WAY too time consuming and expensive when you’re taking care of a family.” - Has anyone ever told YOU any of these things? - I’ve heard it ALL and one thing I do know FOR SURE is my body isn’t the same, IT’S BETTER because of how much I love what it’s accomplished! 💪 The ONLY thing standing between you and your goals is YOU! #truthbomb - - 💫 In my upcoming challenge group, we are going to focus heavily on NUTRITION in addition to FITNESS. 🤗 Our newly released & revamped nutrition program is PROVEN to give you RESULTS! - 🛑 It is NOT a diet. 🛑 It is NOT about restriction. 🛑 It is NOT about about deprivation or starvation. - ✨It IS a lifestyle. ✨It IS about portion control. ✨It IS about winning the battle against food addiction. ✨It IS about tackling sugar cravings. ✨It IS about breaking the cycle of emotional eating. ✨It IS about ending self hate. ✨It IS about fueling a healthier YOU. - Are YOU ready to show all the nay-sayers they’re WRONG?! 😜 Comment below with a HECK YES!! 💪 or DM me to secure your spot in my next group, starting April 10! - - - - #fiercewomen #provethemwrong #doitforyou #postpartumbody #postpartumnutrition #postpartumfitness #postpartumdepression #anxietyhelp #depressionhelp #longevity #nutritionguidance #nutritioncoach #crushyourgoals #consistencyiskey #momlifebelike #twinmomlife #twinmomma #challengeyourselfdaily
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I dont have a lot of time to cook somedays and these bad boys took less time than the salad to knock up and are really tasty. What are your favourite quick recipes? #burgers #caramalisedonions #lac#lactosefreeurt #lactosefree #tamari #glutenfree #worcestershiresauce #eatallthefood #healthyeating #girlscaneat #instafood #jaideemuaythai #ladiesthatlift #nutritioncoach #postpartumnutrition #theladiesthatlift #thesisterhood #getyourprotein #easyrecipes
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Love a recipe that 〰️swings BOTH ways〰️! My nourishing squash soup is perfect for the meatless Monday lover who can make it with coconut milk + veggie broth OR the more paleo leaning chick who can use a healing bone broth! Want the full recipe? I’m sharing it via the ✨link in bio✨where I give the full rundown on my current nutrition plan! I truly believe that each one of our bodies needs something different and try to celebrate that by creating recipes that can be adapted for any diet/lifestyle🍃 If you ever need to know how to make an ATV recipe work for you, shoot me a DM and I’ll help you come up with an idea! #alltheverdure
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My salad for lunch today started pretty basic...lettuce, tomato, cilantro, Turkey and snap pea crisps. I used green goddess herb dressing...but it was missing something.....So, I added spaghetti leftovers in! Swipe to see :) ...... Anyone else use left overs in salad?? I'm a huge fan of left-over salads. Never put spaghetti in a salad? Try it!! #saladfun #saladrecipe #postpartumnutrition #breastfeedingnutrition
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