Hey hey hey! So yes, this is a #throwback to my leaner days. Last May a few days before my 2nd competition. Every competitor knows that they should be practicing their posing routine day in and day out. This is how you become comfortable on stage and walk with confidence! I highly highly recommend wearing an @angelcompetitionbikinis practice posing suit. Why?! 🍦 They have the cutest fabric to choose from! From donuts to kittens! Whatever you can think of, I bet they have it! 🍩 it prevents from ruining your actual show day suit. Every time you put your show day suit on you’re increasing the risk of having the crystals fall off and the connectors of breaking. Treat your suits like the treasure they are!!! 🍔 it’s more professional and realistic! Underwear is not treated the same and does not fit the same either. This can alter your physique and make it more difficult for your coach to send updates accordingly. And also no one wants to show their coach what underwear their wearing that day lol. 🍭 and finally, if you purchase now you’ll receive a free purple Believe in Yourself tank! Just a little pick me up all ya competitors need from time to time! (Link in bio) Comment down below which practice posing suit you have your eye on! #ACBsponseredathlete #npcbikini #posing #ifbb #angelcompetitionbikinis #bodybuilding #fitness #fitnessgirl #gymrat #practicemakesperfect
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always got the essentials 🍍 #mailbu
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