Dear Kaelem I know you're too young to read this but I thought I should let you know how much of a great child you are. You're so smart, so caring, so respectable, so responsible. At 3 years old I've watched you grow mentally, emotionally and physically. I've watched you share your last candy with someone without. The days when you would randomly go to your grandmother's room to cuddle and checked whether she was fine or not. Your hundreds of I love you's per day and your "Mommy, you're the best mom ever." The days when you would lay for hours in bed and play games with KK and defend her against your Aunty Toony. Speaking of Toony, you guys have the cutest love/ hate relationship to describe it. You'd argue one minute, then asked if you could go and apologize to her after. You'd fight with Junior, Juella and Kyra but still consider them your best friends. My prince, mommy loves you beyond words. You are my motivation to grow and do better as a woman. I knew I had to be what I want for you in the future and that of course took time and persistence. Now today, with your future looking bright I want to let you know that your loved ones are super proud of the little person you've become. We vow that we will continue to create an environment where you'll grow to become an intelligent, loving black man, that loves himself, knows who he is and will be a positive contribution to the universe. Happy birthday Kaesade #por#portraits #portraitfeaturez #portraitpage #portraitvision #portrait_vision #bravoportraits#portraitphotography  #photographer  #agameoftones#model #endlessfaces #modeloftheday  #portraitgram #feature_portraits #kdpeoplegallery #gameofportraits#pure_visual_ #pursuitportraits #discoverportrait #portraitmood #canonusa #global_hotshotz #portrait
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“You’ve changed” – probably one of the most negatively connotated statements ever! This is one of those things that people say right before they’re going to break some bad news. But, why is change bad? Change is the one thing that’s inevitable in the natural world. Change is physical proof of growth, development and transformation. ⠀ ⠀ It’s a beautiful thing to change. Change shows that you’re open to new ideas, new perspectives and new habits. Next time you think someone’s changed, take a step back and think of it from their perspective. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They’ve grown in their own way. Because one day, you’ll be the one that changed and you’re going to wish that your friends or family took the time to understand your growth.
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