#Repost @adheherbalgallery (@get_repost) ・・・ Rp9.000 Penjepit Komedo Bahan : stainless steel Kemasan pembungkusnya plastik alat pencabut komedo....bahan stanlise tak bisa berkarat.... Cek youtube dengan nama Blackhead tweezer Boomiiinnngggggg Ukuran : Panjang 9cm x Lebar 1cm Pinset khusus untuk membersihkan acne pada wajah, memudahkan untuk mengangkat dan membersihkan pada area wajah Anda, mencabut bekas kutek dan dapat digunakan untuk hal lainnya. Pinset pembersih acne ini sangat membantu Anda untuk membersihkan kotoran pada area wajah Anda, sehingga Anda dapat membersihkan dengan maksimal. Acne Clip Make up tool ini sangat ringan dan mudah dibawa kemanapun Anda pergi, sehingga dapat menjaga kebersihan seluruh tubuh Anda setiap waktu. Acne Clip Make up tool yang memiliki anti static sehingga tidak berbahaya bagi kulit Anda. #jepitkomedo #komedo #pencetkomedo #acneclip#naturgo #makeuptools #alatkomedo #poreperfect #poreperfectmurah #pen#penjepitkomedourah #penjepitkomedo #jepitkomedomurah #alatjepitkomedo #acneclipmurah #clipkomedo #porecleaner #porecleanser #powerporemurah #hutmungel
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Here’s to my new go-to mud mask by @klarityskin #oxymudcacaomask which I received in a PR package by @the@theskinfit This K-beauty product turns your face into a brown cloud monster after the application. Yup! You heard me right. It’s a funny bubble mask with a hot chocolate like texture and smell, tempting enough for a crazy choco fan like me. The formula deep cleanses those stubborn pores full of “environmental issues.” The most amazing factor of this mask is its pore minimising power. Also the oil control agents keep your skin fresh all day. Can be applied either with a spatula that comes with the product, or plainly with a finger. Just a little amount goes a long way, and you get a makeup-ready skin under 15 minutes. Make sure to use toner before applying this mask, just to get the best out of it. If you are that lazy daisy sister of mine who is a bit bored and tired of clay masks, try this hands-down bubble/mud mask on weekly basis. Easy to apply, easy to wash. Results..!! Ka-Boom! A perfect pick for hot weather. 👌🏼 P.S: No toner/moisturizer required after the mask, for it fully hydrates the skin already. Available at @theskinfit #beautybloggers #productreview #honestreview #funnymask #klarity #skincare #bubblemask #mudmask #chocolate #clearskin #original #koreanbeauty #porecleaner
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IDR 280.000 ALAT SEDOT KOMEDO WA/LINE : 085321444597 SKU : YPG010 PRODUK LAINNYA : @tokoprodukbagus Vakuum Blackhead/Whitehead (Menyedot Komedo lebih kuat) Efektif mengangkat komedo di wajah. BYE BYE BlackHead..! Jangan risau kalau anda ada masalah blackhead, whitehead, semua dia sedot habis. Dijamin kulit lebih bersih dan licin. Kelebihan : - Vakum Model : CW-666 - Tenaga sedot tinggi 150kpa - 5 Tahap Kekuatan Sedot (Low, Mid, High) - 4 Jenis Alat Sedot - Rechargeble (USB Charger) - Sedot black head/white head sampai ke akar - 100% Tidak sakit seperti pakai mask - 10x lebih bersih dari pakai MASK - Tidak meninggalkan bekas - Bisa di bawa ke mana saja karna kecil dan ringan - Bisa terpakai lama dan awet, hanya perlu dicas ulang saja - 100% Berhasil sedot komedo - 100% Original Spesifikasi : - Input voltage : DC5V - Rated Current: 500mA - Power: 0.7W - Size : 180x42x39mm - Battery Capacity : 1000mA - Charging Time : About 1.5 hours - Using Time : About 2.5 hours - Plug Type : EU/US - Color : White/Rose Packing Included : - 1 Electric Blackhead Remover - 4 Head - 1 Power Cord - 1 User Manual - 1 Adapter More Info & Order Via : WA/LINE : 085321444597 / nurwillow #facialpore #facialporecleaner #vacuumpore #facialporecleanser #facialporemurah #penyedotkomedo #penyedotkomedomurah #pore #porecleaner #jua#jualalatsedotkomedo #poreremodelingmask #blackheadvacuum #alatsedotkomedo #jualvacuumkomedo #pembersihwajah #pembersihkomedo #alatpenghilangkomedo #alatpembersihkomedo #jualvacuumpore #komedo #pembersihmuka #alatpembersihjerawat #alatpenyedotkomedo #porecleanermurah #alatsedotkomedomurah #jualalatsedotkomedo #vacuumkomedo
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I've been struggling with blackheads on my nose all my life. I normally exfoliate my face once or twice a week. However, I've learned based on my experience that isn’t enough for me 😩 I need to incorporate pore strips to remove impurities and blackheads. I started stripping weekly to avoid complexion problems before they start and I've seen amazing results!💗✨I partnered with the most trusted brand @Bioreus 🌿to share how to say goodbye to blackheads. Additionally, I recently tried for the first time the Biore self-heating mask to purify pores in only one minute (YES!🙌🏼) and I love it! Head to the link in my bio to discover more💕 #Ad #Biorepartner
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One of my favorite masks! #Murad truly outdid themselves with this dual exfoliator/pore minimizer. Apply to the areas of the face that tend to have enlarged pores, leave on for 10 minutes, massage with warm water to exfoliate and VIOLA! Glowing, mattified skin 😍 #facemask #matteskin #porecleaner
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А у Вас бывало такое: просыпаетесь вы утром, наносите свой привычный макияж и, казалось бы, тональный крем довольно легкий, а сияния и свежести нет? 😒 Вся проблема в ороговевшей коже😭😭😭 Вы бежите за очередной порцией скраба, но это не помогает. 🥀 Дело в том, что кожа приспосабливается к подобным механическим воздействиям и грубеет. Не спешите бежать за химическим пилингом и не вылезать из дома 2 недели ❌❌❌ Наш волшебный алмазный наконечник спасёт положение 💓 Он бережно отшелушивает частички мертвой кожи, убирает следы от прыщей и придаёт коже свежий сиящий вид 🍃 😍 Попробуйте сами 🧖🏼‍♀️💜 _________________________________________ Заказать можно👇🏻 ✅ По ссылке в шапке профиля🌐 ✅ Или написать в  Директ📩
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