Latest book read! Maybe you have styled your hair in a Pompadour style, but who was this woman? She was the beautiful, refined and progressive mistress of French King Louis XV. She was a very important patron of the arts and she herself was a gifted actress. Interestingly, since she was little she felt she was destined to become the king's mistress (which back then, didn't have the same shameful connotation it has today). Her determination, cleverness and dedication to the king are admirable. She became the de facto prime minister and a vital participant in politics. Unfortunately, her adoration to the king meant that she shielded him from critical problems the nation was facing. The seeds of revolution were planted and neither she nor the King were able to see it. She made it her mission that the King was not disturbed with what she thought were temporary issues. Her legacy is mixed but her story is fascinating. Highly recommend this biography of a remarkable woman.
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"Barbering is not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle."💈
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only the next best combo after bacon n egg, pomp n mullet! #pompadour #mullet #odouds
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