Save the planet
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One of the most fascinating things I had the chance to see on this trip was having the opportunity to watch a polar bear swimming in the ocean. I’ve seen polar bears swimming in the water before but we were always watching from the safety of the ship. During this encounter we were in small zodiacs that were pretty much at the water level to the polar bear which was a bit nerve wracking for me. I’ve seen polar bears before stealthily swimming in the water and then out of nowhere jump up on a piece of ice and grab a seal. This bear was probably less than a hundred meters from us. Let me tell you, I was alert the whole time and wasn’t going to let that bear out of sight. ⁠ ⁠ #lindbladexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions #russianarctic #russianfareast #wrangelisland #polarbear #polarbearswimming #instawildlife
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