CHAOTIC MIND• I’m silent and still Cause I know no matter how you end up wishing The palpable pain won’t drown you • I’m silent and still Because moving on is unjust to the woman shattered. • I sit cause I know you won’t • And I assist, Regardless of cost Cause that woman raised me. And I won’t see a person I love fall. • She was abusive
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And it was there I witnessed them; Two eternal lovers dancing in the sunbeam; Forever caught up in time; Lost in each other’s rhyme; Two kindred spirits within the one dream.
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Well done Rachel!!! This poem is one I keep coming back to!! It is written by @rohlerach a while back. Ever since I discovered this piece of writing in the poetic universe I kept thinking about it! A huckleberry is not really a term used in the UK although I have heard of it. What exactly does it mean? 🛸🚀 What is @ypvnova? We are a galaxy near @your_poetic_voice and our mission is discovering innovative poetry that is unique, new and fresh!!! Something perhaps a bit "Out of the Box", unusual, quirky or curious. Something maybe you have to think about a bit more than other more straightforward poems. Sometimes perhaps refreshingly funny and amusing- will you join our mission?🛸🚀 #uni#uniquevoice #poe#poetry #poet #poem #poetrycommunity #uniquepoetry #writersworld #new#newpoets #newpoet #poetrylovers #instamood #instagood #uniquevoice #poemoftheday #instapoet #wordsmith #star
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Day 19: “Reimagine a fictional character/mythical creature.” 😶🧜🏼‍♀️ @amykaypoetry This is SO DIFFERENT from anything I’d normally ever write. So thankful for this month and all of these incredible prompts. I love seeing what everyone else has been creating too! 🥰 #amykaypoemaday #nationalpoetrymonth
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