Here’s Studio B in “podcast mode”! With a little rearrangement of the furniture this room turns from awesome writing/production room into perfect podcast suite. Cozy, acoustically treated and air conditioned it’s ideal for individuals or discussions between small groups, all beautifully captured through studio grade equipment with a minimum of fuss.
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❤️🎙️🎧Você também ama podcasts? Então é bom acrescentar na playlist alguns que dão uma mãozinha pra gente se manter atualizado! Lista de podcasts parte 1. {Lista com link para o Spotify nos Destaques}. . . . * Nerdcast * Hipsters ponto tech * Cinemático * Mídia, Não Marketing * Maria vai com as outras * Escriba Café * De Cabeça * Ted Talks Daily * Imagina Juntas . . . #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #podcaster #podcasters #podcastlife #podcastshow #podcastlove #podcastersofinstagram #podcastmovement #podcastinglife #podcastnetwork #PodcastSeries #podcastepisode #podcastrepublic #podcastnews #podcastlifestyle #podcastawards #podcastlistening #podcaststudio #podcastapp #spotify
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Episode 14: Lou Thomann, the owner and founder of the Yaupon Wellness Company in Savannah, Georgia. Forgotten Medicinal Plants. Ancient Plant Wisdom Opportunities. The Health Food Explosion. Profitable Raw Products. Podcast Available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Spotify, TuneIn and Spreaker. Episode 14 Link: Hosted By: Deborah Michas (IG: @deborahmichas) & Justin Bizzarro (IG: @justinbizzarro) Episode Notes: 1) Yaupon is an indigenous tree that grows along the coastal areas of the Southeast United States. 2) Yaupon has many medicinal benefits. The cousin plant of Yaupon is Yerba Mate of South America. Yaupon helps detox the human body and is a native caffeine source in the United States. 3) Discovering the land where the Yaupon grows. 4) Yaupon has a natural sweet flavor that makes teas and drinks taste amazing. Yaupon gives you energy and focus. 5) When growing your business find ways to sell products from other manufacturers that use your raw products to produce their products. Create an opportunity to make money on raw supply and consisted goods. Website: IG: @yauponteacompany Special Mentions: Flavor of Georgia Contest: Website: IG: @flavorofga Brighter Day Natural Foods Market Savannah, Georgia Website: Judge Realty Savannah Georgia Website: IG: @judgerealty Stay Tuned for Episode 16 on Wednesday, where we interview Cecil Rhodes, the co-owner and co-founder of the Nash & Proper #foodtruck in Sacramento, California. Website: IG: @nashandproper Stay Tuned for Episode 17 on Friday, where we interview Lisa Kirkpatrick, the owner and founder of the High Cotton Co. in Atlanta, Georgia. Website: IG: @highcottoncashews Free Podcast. No Advertisements. The stories of Food Entrepreneurs and how their failures led to the successes in their lives and in their business. What does the future have in store for the food entrepreneur? JUSTIN AND THE [FOOD] ENTREPRENEURS Email: [email protected]
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Record Breaking Snow in Flagstaff, AZ. This weather ain't stopping that 3am hustle. We working around the clock. Like and Subscribe too the best podcast in the galaxy! Period. #likeandsubscribe #itunes #tunein #googleplay #spotify #stitcherpodcast #youtube #pod#podcastlifestyle #podcast
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You’re never fully dressed without one - Annie
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Only 1 day left until doors open at Much Different @wearemuchdifferent I'm feeling like... #mood #sparkstar #thesparkspot #sparkoftheday #pod#podcast/a> #podcastlifestyle #politics #podcast #podcastshows
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When starting my business @signature__branding one of the biggest lessons I learnt was what a difference professional photography can make to your branding. In October 2017, I did my first photo shoot and although I believed at the time that I’d already created my own brand, I found I had to do a total rebrand as the professional pictures didn’t match my original vibe. Fast forward to August 2018- I knew I wanted to create a podcast and/or blog and on so many occasions I wanted to put a website together and stuff but knew that if I held off and waited for the photos from my shoot, I could work around it and create my branding from there! This was the first shot taken and I was in love with it from the get go 🥰🥰
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If you REALLY go to work on yourself on the road to self-discovery and personal development, then you should naturally expect a certain level of discomfort. Tapping into your strengths, weaknesses, insecurities and fears is some deep shit but I guarantee, those of you who dare to dig, will always come out winning!
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