sundays are for lovers 💞
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It's a PNW thing. You wouldn't understand. Thanks @madisonandmabel your shop never disappoints!
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The Flat Garden | Portland OR
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serenity . . . camping alone is something that everyone should experience at least once. it sounds lonely (and believe me, it is) but it harbors an incredibly calming experience. it’s just you and the earth; none of the typical distractions that come with the life that we live today, even people. escaping like this can be incredibly therapeutic. . it’s been a fast paced ten days in Maine and I’ve been lucky enough to reconnect with a ton of old faces. today, however, is calm and rainy and all i can think about was this morning on lake crescent. similar in nature, this was one of the first few days that I spent alone after a hectic school year/early summer. balance in life is so important, and alone time (especially in nature) is a great way to decompress and avoid feeling burned out by the fast paced lives that most of us live.
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Big thank you to @ale@alexx.captures for taking and editing these amazing photos; more to come! - 📸: @alexx.captures
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