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#surprise is revealed! NEW BEARPAW VIDEO ONLINE NOW! Check our YouTube Channel. 🎥 It is a testing video on the 🏹 #longlife3dparcours in Ummerstadt #feelthespirit #bodnikbows #archery #playoutside #enjoynature #mohawk
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Celebrate Life Wild 🍃 It has been one year of Healthy On The Go! I started this journey as a way to share messages of a healthy lifestyle for active, busy families. Like us. Families who adventure and explore. Who travel.  Overseas, interstate, across town, or in their own backyard. 🍃 Over this year my understanding of that message has evolved. To understand that health is not just about the food we eat. In fact, it is not even the ‘thing’ that comes first. Health is also about those primary elements under which we thrive;  our happiness, or relationships, that which brings us joy. 🍃 Our health, our lifestyle, is dependent on how we celebrate these primary aspects of our life. Healthy eating is something, but it is not everything. The societal obsession with a culture of diet and restriction is doing nothing to create a positive relationship with food or health. Not for ourselves or for our families. We spend so much time focusing on what do we do or do not consume, it can become the primary focus of our happiness, our health, and how we define ourselves. 🍃 And really, that's not all that healthy. 🍃 Getting back to those primary aspects of our lives; our relationships, our family, our passions, our career, our experiences. Those are the things that allow us to feel purpose and meaning. When they are in balance, you thrive – it feeds your mind, it feeds your soul.  Food, real food, stays secondary, providing support to be healthy and do all the things you love. 🍃 On this journey, for health and for happiness, sometimes things get a little bit crazy. Some days they are wild. While planning a healthy, active, adventurous future for ourselves and our families, we must remember to celebrate those moments. 🍃 What I have learned is that we must celebrate the aspects of our lives the fulfil us. Because sometimes they are a bit wild, not despite it. 🍃 We must celebrate life wild. 🍃 And from here on, that is what we will do, with intention. To create the freedom to focus on these primary elements of our life. We will continue this journey as 🍃 💚 Celebrate Life Wild 💚
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Following @disastersofathirtysomething and her amazing #thepeakandpitcollective, yesterday was a major peak... Peak: There’s nothing like meeting old friends at a good old National Trust. @bright__mama and I chatted everything life and babies while enjoying scones and exploring. Boy have we come a long way since meeting in Mrs Brant’s class when we were 5! Pit: There is also nothing like being stuck on the motorway in stand still traffic with a baby who clearly does not want to be there. While singing ‘five little ducks went swimming one day’ for the umpteenth time, I noticed a little too late that the window was open a tad and the men in the van next to me gave an enthusiastic round of applause! - So today: five little ducks went swimming at the National Trust, or into a pit of embarrassment!
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