O que falar deste trabalho super especial feito para a @mariafiorellacoach Diário de bordo, bloco de anotações e lápis personalizados para ela presentear seus couchees. #lifecoach #papelariaempresarial #papelariacriativa #coach #planner
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Today on live I shared some pretty deep stuff on where I’m at in my life right now professionally. - I have always prided myself in knowing “what to do” to achieve my goals. Lately, I feel like God has taken that and completely flipped it upside down. My days are not perfectly planned. I am constantly looking for discipline with balance. I practice forced positivity because I often feel pessimistic. The thought of “WHY is this happening” keeps me from being optimistic and it’s a mental fight to push past that every single day. I’m struggling y’all✨ - Lately, the only thought that has remained consistent in my mind is that I refuse to be anywhere (professionally or otherwise) that makes me feel like I should be ashamed to be me. I spent the last 3 years making myself small in hopes that I could push past the negative layer of tv without people really noticing me. I was ashamed and I constantly felt like I was too much, instead of perfectly enough. I hate the thought of me shrinking myself to fit in any opportunity that didn’t allow me to be 100% me. - The fact is, I can’t change anything in the past and I don’t want to. While I may not know “what’s next,” professionally, I know God has paved my path with growth, discovery and support. - I am so thankful to all of you who are so supportive and uplifting. Your energy is so appreciated and it means more than you know.
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Ibiza non è solo discoteche, ma è molto di più‼️ Questo è l’anfiteatro a Hacienda Na Xamena. Un posto unico, romantico e magico. Un posto ideale per chi ha sempre desiderato sposarsi a Ibiza. Lontano dalla folla. Questo luogo incantevole regala un buon auspicio per le future spose 👰🏻 ecco perché fin dall’antichità le donne venivano fin qui per sposarsi. E tu cosa stai aspettando ⁉️ Vieni a Ibiza per festeggiare il tuo addio al nubilato/ celibato. Affidati a @vibezibiza e scegli il meglio per le tue vacanze sull’isola. #ibizabeach #ibiza2019 #ibizaweekender #ibiza🍒 #ibiza🌴 #weddingblog #sposa #nubilato #celibato #partyplanner #planner #partytime #eivissa #haciendanaxamena #vib#vibes/a> #vibes #married
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These mini bow clips!! 😍🤩 When Rami @lilyandlolaco had a sale to clear these out and make room for other designs I needed to grab what I thought I would want for the future! Which one/ones should I use?! And I totally love my Oliver peaking tab!! 😍 bows and Oliver from @better.over.perfect (Yes that’s a toddler sock in the background because #momlife 😂 ) @kinleighsdoodles @planning.for.better
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