Your chances of entering a food-induced coma may double, but you'll ultimately feel a heck of a lot happier 😋
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So much great pizza in Portland, so little time. A wonderful visit to @pizzajerkpdx is in the books. Thanks for the hospitality, Tommy! Photo by @joshkeown Please follow me: -@pizza__daily_
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Sipping coffee and writing my holiday packing list, I need to write everything down or I’ll forget something! Even Ollie gets his own little list although that usually consists of: Monkey/Tablet/Goggles!! I always seem to go away when I start a new Fitness Program too!.. Last year it was 80 Day Obsession and this time it’s LIIFT4 but that’s ok as my laptop and resistance bands are getting packed! I’ll need them to balance out the sangria! 😜 Ok.... list done ✅ Coffee finished ✅ Let’s do Day 1 of this program! 👊🏻 Who has got their workout in already?!..
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One day a week can make a world of difference! 20% off all veggie and vegan pizzas at Arabella’s, every Monday 💚
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#pizzalover 🍕💛
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