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✨MASCULINE PSCES✨ ✨WEEKLY ENERGY - TEMPERANCE ✨This energy represents moderation, having patience, the ability to compromise and to find satisfactory solutions, diplomacy and cooperation, and balanced emotions. It is an energy of successfully integrating opposite forces. With harmony and compatibility, it suggests the perfect union. It can also represent a receptive environment for reconciliation to take place. This energy also often brings healing. 💜SINGLES - You are focused on the long term vision of finding a relationship that lasts and has a potential for marriage. You have assessed your options, and you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You are now ready to bring the right type of relationship into your life. You are going about your search for love in a very moderated, patient manner, and you are not rushing into things without thinking carefully. 💜COUPLED - This is typically a positive sign that the relationship is working well and that you are in harmony with one another. You are appreciative of each other, and you acknowledge that value you both bring to the relationship. While you may have your differences, you recognize that this creates a beautiful synergy between you and it propels the relationship even further. If you are experiencing challenges, focus on creating balance and moderation in the relationship. Conflict can only be resolved through compromise and cooperation. ❤️LOVE ORACLE - FORGIVING AND LEARNING ✨The angels know that you have been hurt before and that you’re wary of being hurt again. Yet your defenses are creating barriers to allowing love into your life. As you heal your past, you wont keep re-creating it. You attract into your life, situations and people that remind you of what you’ve already experienced, because this is the primary tool of healing. Detoxify anger, blame, or unforgiveness that you are still holding on too. This includes forgiving yourself as well.
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