My favorite coincidence in this Alice and Mayan visual shamanic journey is how I speak of the educational concept of the visual project in the musical inspirational political art project I did in 2013 while leaving the part of it really being the Mayan sector of the shamanic order situation out of it & Alice is used in the second version I did in the middle end of 2014/2015 ... there’s a Mayan legend of twins and who stole the Mayan visual sector and tried implementing it through a blow job feminism liberation album by saying she has a big ass because that’s what makes a woman powerful-which says what about how men view and treat women (it’s why I have 0 interest and 0 attraction in American men it’s how the culture is) #usaculture #ent#entertainmentstry #entertainment #sexualharassment #metoo #beyonce #beyhive #beyoncetwins great job of representing the intelligence and reputation of American women: you really enjoy supporting a thief terrorist 👌🧐👍 wizard of Oz is also another puzzle piece and part of the songs my journey is based off (concept albums Ive been putting together that they all steal since 2013 btw & keep me broke and sabotage my every move while I develop my music ideas and they steal if #falseadvertisement #falseadvertising #federalgovernment #homelandsecurity you guys are horrible and taxes went up during #barackobama #michelleobama why?) and I call her the wicked witch of the east 😂🤣 I got the idea from #pinkfloydd my dad would play classic rock albums from the 60’s on my way to lacrosse tournaments. #musicindustry #columbiarecords #parkwoodentertainment you’re a disgrace
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Quella volta in cui ho visto Roger Waters a Oslo. #Us+Themtour2018 #rogerwaters #pinkfloydd
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The legend that is Roger Waters. 📷
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