Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Physical exam is important in helping diagnose TOS. Most common tests I use during clinic is Adson’s maneuver, Allen’s test and Roos test. #medicine #learning #knowledge #physicalexam #therapy #medschool #medstudent #doctors #diagnosis #residency #fellowship #thoracicoutletsyndrome
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Dying to know the answers??🤔🤔 The cranial nerve in our most recent post is cranial nerve VIII, the vestibulocochlear nerve! The cochlear portion is responsible for hearing and the vestibular portion is responsible for balance. It is nerve D in the image! A is CN II, the optic nerve, which is responsible for sight.👁 B is CN VI, abducens, which provides motor innervation to the lateral rectus muscle of the eye (allows each eye to move laterally to look away from the nose toward its respective ear)👀, C is CN V, the trigeminal nerve. It has 3 divisions and tons of functions!🙇🏽‍♀️ • CN VIII can be found in the cerebellopontine angle (the angle made by the edges of the pons and the cerebellum). A benign tumor, called an acoustic neuroma can grow in this area and cause ipsilateral (same side) hearing loss due to compression of CN VIII, among other deficits.👂🏼 • Swipe➡️ The tool used to examine a person’s ear canal and tympanic membrane (eardrum) is an otoscope. On physical exam one important landmark is the cone of light seen in the 3rd photo along with other labeled landmarks. Other characteristics we want to examine include the color and shape of the tympanic membrane—pearly grey and translucent is normal. We also want to check for perforation, scarring, or bulging of the tympanic membrane. If the tympanic membrane is erythematous (red) and bulging, it is suggestive of otitis media (middle ear infection)! • • • • Posted by: @liv@izzo22 • Otoscope image w/ labels by Dr. Lewis Potter @ • • • • • • • • #medicalstudent #neuroanatomy #anatomy #cranialnerve #hearing #otoscope #physicalexam #womeninmedicine #brain #ear #mentorship #usmlestep1 #usmlestep1prep
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Everything you wanted to know about aminoglycoside antibiotics! 💊 PS I made this info box for a class in college, so let’s pretend 71 years actually says ~75 years*😄 • Side effects of aminoglycosides worth noting are ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity. Ototoxicity refers to functional impairment and cellular degeneration of neurons of the cochlear and vestibular portions of which cranial nerve? Speaking of that nerve, swipe ➡️➡️, can you identify it on this inferior view of the brain? What is the name of the area where this nerve lies? • Just for fun: what is the name of the tool used to examine a person’s ear during a physical exam? What is a major landmark we look for in the ear and what other characteristics are we checking for? • • Check back in a few hours for the answers! • • Posted by & Info Box by: @livrizzo22 • • • • • #antibiotics #antibioticresistance #womeninmedicine #aminoglycosides #medstudent #biochemistry #physicalexam #ear #earexam #anatomy #cranialnerves #headandneck
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