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Day off: 1. Had a Full Physical Done! 2. Lab Work Done 3. The Needle hurt like hell! 4. Bought some new shoes 5. I weigh 156 Pounds 6. Gotta lose 20 7. Whose willing to join me in the weight loss challenge? * * * Message me if your serious and needing to lose weight before the SUMMER! * * * #LoseWeightNow #AskMeHow #JoinMyJourney #ShedthesePounds #LoseWeightTogether #WeightlossJourney #PhysicalExam #Getone #its #Worthit
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Life changing result 🙏🏼. Patient with craniofacial stenosis associated with Crouzon's syndrome. In addition to the aesthetic improvement, the patient has improvement in breathing (the vast majority of patients with the syndrome need breathing apparatus during sleep) and vision, since many have diplopia (double vision)! The surgery consists of fracture of several bones of the face and the placement of a device known as "osteogenic distractor", which are bolts that direct and stimulate bone growth. Surgery was done by Greek plastic Surgeon Dr.Alexander C. Stratoudakis 📷 by @den@dental_mentor ———————————————————————— DM us to be featured!📥 Follow @medical_clinical_cases @dental_mentor @medical_mentor for more!
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It’s that time of the year! #vetvisit #physicalexam #cat #gata #veterinario #letsgo 😅😼🐾😳😫 lol
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For the past 2 years a 27 year-old man suffers from relapsing episodes of asymmetric inflammatory oligoarthritis that affects his knees and ankles, with 2-4 week duration. It is also reported that he suffers from painful ulcers that last decade. He now presents with fever, arthritis, mild abdominal pain, severe headache and thrombophlebitis of the left lower limbs. Which is the most possibile diagnosis? A. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus B. Adamantiades-Behçet’s syndrome C. Whipple’s disease D. Ulcerative colitis Like & Comment below if you know👇 ________________________________________________________Follow @medical_clinical_cases for more!!
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