💥Mindset💥 . Many of us criticize ourselves on a daily basis. We find beauty and strength in others but can’t in ourselves. 🛑 STOP 🛑 Push that negativity to the side and focus on the positive! You ARE worth it and you CAN do it! 💙 . ➡️http://www.burnbootcamp.com/south-chandler-Az . #believeinyourself #youcandoit #burnbootcamp #stopthenegativity #staypositive
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Need a studio portrait?
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I heard this quote a few days ago and I thought I’d share: “The day you plant the tree is not the day you eat the fruit” and for whoever may be struggling right now just know that some things take time and your efforts will be worth it one day but until that day comes remember to smile ❤️ keep going friends! 😊 * Pc: @itsxzavier * * * * * * #smile #gcu #phoenix #arizona #photography #phoenixarizona #downtown
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I took this at the first listing I ever got as a #rea#realestatet on the day I removed the lockbox...a $1,100,000 home in #phoenixarizona Unfortunately after 5 months I lost the listing and it was one of the darkest periods I've had in #realestate (2nd to be exact😜) Why would I post something like this on a platform where we're supposed to be perfect and happy all the time? Because I learned A LOT from this "failure" and I wanted to share. 1. This was an expired listing before I even put a sign in the ground. It was listed for 6 mo. and had 6 showings in that period. After I got it I had over 20 showings in 3 weeks. (Win #1) 2. I knew what the CORRECT listing price should have been and it wasn't $1.1M, but I was too excited and I wanted the listing so bad! I learned to trust my instincts which will serve me and my clients better in the future. (Win #2) 3. I know I did EVERYTHING to get this home sold and I did right by my client to give this the best shot to sell. (Win #3) Sometimes we don't end up with the result we want, but it's important to look back, evaluate, and learn from the mistakes but celebrate the #wins we had along the way.
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Announcing our music lineup for Arts Festival! We have a great selection of artists performing live on two stages throughout the weekend! Swipe right for the daily schedule & you can view the daily schedule online- https://sarts.co/2tsey0v #ScottsdaleArtsFestival @scottsdalearts FRI: @caletyson, The Naughty Bits, Sunshine Ensemble, SunKissed Band, Sugahbeat, Lisa Hightower, Jan Sandwich and Friends SAT: Smokey Brights, Whitney Jones Music, AustnAmeliA, Max Knouse, Quique Escamilla, Courtney Cotter King, Jovert SUN: @Lelea , Brian Chartrand Music, @laschollas,Eloni Yawn Music, Ben Anderson Music, 2nd Hand Sam and His Country Gentlemen, and Vets Jam Band
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A modern bold look with faux bonded leather. Compact design for space concious people. Back cushion are tufted😍 Low Monthly Payments - Only $50 Down✅ Delivery Available🚚 For shipping/price please DM us and also make sure to follow us: @bigsavingsfurniture
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Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? #phoenixarizona #ski#skincarening #dermaplaning #dermaplane #skincare #skincareroutine #plasmapen #plasmaskintightening #learn #training #happy #esthetician #estheticianlife #esthetics
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