Just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all of the amazing suggestions I got today about handling stress. it's funny that recently I've been all about recognizing and accepting my emotions without having the emotions control my behavior however stress was definitely controlling my behavior. Stress feels so removed as an emotion in comparison to things like happy, sad, and angry. But it certainly is an emotion and something that I can learn to just accept and let be without letting it control my behavior. I will continue to work on these skills as I handle the stress that will be coming my way over the next couple weeks. I certainly love my University and the wonderful opportunities I've been given but sometimes balancing the stress of a graduate program along with just life in general and then piling a chronic illness on top of that can be a little much. I'm very grateful for the lessons I have learned today and will continue to put them into practice over the next few weeks.
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Let's focus on the good, but let's also acknowledge the bad. A really *interesting* conversation came up in @aca@academeologya> story yesterday. She posted the question "what have you sacrificed for your PhD program" and so many of the answers hit home for me. Mental health, relationships, time, opportunities. As always, someone felt the need to chime in and tell her to quit whining because this is a privilege. Which, pardon my French, is connerie. As with most of the accounts I follow, @academeology is mostly positive and upbeat, trying to find the great things about being an academic. And there are tons! Intellectual freedom, flexibility, stulating environment, etc. We are among the lucky percent to be able to do this! But grad school IS hard, and seeing the people I admire (online and in person) talk about their struggles helps me feel less alone. If these amazing humans struggle, it's okay for me, too. Anyway, being stuck alone in my house for days is way better than what happened to many others in #florence path, but it's okay to say I struggled a bit and am clawing my way back out of that blah feeling. This picture of the beautiful sunset last night has #nofilter just like my words. ♥️S #sunset #calmafterthestorm #silverlining #quitcomplainining #solidarity #phdstruggles #academiclife #rainraingoaway #hatersgonnahate #whining #whinetime #justhuman
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So I know I said I was done publicly posting these but I need advice! How do y'all handle stress? I've honestly never been great at it. However, I do yoga, I exercise, I eat right, I make time for family and friends, and I meditate ... How much self care should one human need to handle their stress? The next few weeks are going to be pretty rough. I have a manuscript deadline of October 1, a conference that weekend, then another conference the week after (I'm speaking at both) and I'm part of a search committee for a new faculty member. All that on top of everything else I'm normally required to do. Unfortunately I can't back out of anything so I've got to find a way to deal. I'm trying to just accept my stress and learn that I can feel stressed without letting it control me but any advice y'all can offer would be greatly appreciated!
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I am officially closing out my two week challenge of sharing my daily emotions, albeit two days late. One of the many lessons I have learned from my chronic illness is that I can still accomplish my goals but it will be done in my own time. This challenge has taught me a lot about my daily emotions; (1) my emotions are all over the place. Both within and between days. (2) even when I feel a difficult emotion, it doesn't have to control my behavior (3) acknowledging and accepting my difficult emotions leads to a better outcome than trying to avoid or ignore them. I will continue to journal my emotions most days but will cease the public sharing. The purpose of that was to get myself in a habit and I think I'm there. I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!
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Gosh!! It’s so distracting. I end up looking round. Pls is it just me?? Since my undergraduate days, all my reading and research has always being in my room. I thought this PhD will be different but mbanu I can’t concentrate with other people around. I’d just be looking at who came and who’s going basically looking round for no reason. Plus I love jamming to music and sing along as serious work is going on. If you love reading in your room like me and jamming to music while you study, Please gather in the comment section let’s take a selfie. .. . . . . . . #research #PhDstruggles #realifeissues #DL’sjournal #PhDengineering #study #success #tuesdaywork #successjourney #realstruggles #theyouengineer #damilojuadeyina #Coach #coachinschool
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. "Step by step Oh baby Gonna get to you Step by step Oh baby You're always on my mind Step by step Oh baby It's just a matter of time." . PhD monday motivation by New Kids On the Block. #phdlife #phdstruggles #mondaymotivation #ishouldbewriting #phdstudent #newkidsontheblock #motivationalquotes
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I took an unintentional 6-month break and these are some of the things that happened. Other highlights would be: ✨We went to Paris ✨I said bye to Belfast and moved to Edinburgh and then to Cambridge ✨I found a very tiny flat and furnished it (details in @katiusskas stories) ✨My friend @carmendelafu married @dan_is_pain and we had a blast at their wedding ✨ Lluís danced a lot and asked me to take pics in the photo booth (I am usually the one to do this) ✨My favourite friends from home and I met all together for the first time since New Year 2016/2017 Maybe there will be some drawings of these events. How have you all been?  #martinillapescadora  #comic  #art  #ilustración  #illustration  #love  #doodle  #draw  #draweverydamnday  #girl  #commonpeople  #sketch  #sketchbook  #paper  #pen  #pencil  #instaart  #beautiful  #instagood  #creative  #photooftheday  #instaartist  #artoftheday  #summer  #mallorca  #estiu  #holidays  #illustrationbest #phdstruggles #phdlife
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When #phd#phdr strikes... It's tough getting back to the business of thinking, analysing, and writing when life (thank goodness I still have one) besides the PhD happens. But, I received a critical wake-up call at my last supervisory meeting that simultaneously got me all excited, anxious, and left me a bit of a nervous wreck. I welcome the challenge, though even as I am thinking about it now, I'm getting heart palpitations! That meeting jump-started my brain into PhD-mode, so... *rolls up sleeves* LET'S DO THIS!!! 💪💪💪 #phd #phdlife #phdstruggles #researchonmuslimwomen #hijabinmalaysia
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