Gallium😉 Follow us: @ClintChesnut_chemistry for more pictures credit @chemistry.shz
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How to make a color changing solution with potassium permanganate and sodium solution and candy😉🤔🍭🍭🍭🍭 Follow us: @Enjoy_life_chemistry for more pic credit @chemistry.shz
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You are in control of your destiny, Only you can make your dreams come true. #SPU📚 #phdlife
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Why Sulfuric Acid Turns Sugar Black how is it sulfuric acid turns sugar black? Table sugar is actually two sugars in one—a disaccharide. It is commonly known as sucrose. Sucrose is a combination of fructose, a sugar found in fruits, and glucose, known also as blood-sugar, grape-sugar, and corn-sugar. Its chemical formula is C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁. The way these atoms are attached to each other by chemical bonds constitutes its structural formula. Sulfuric acid is a super-strong dehydrating agent, it sucks up water, or the components needed to produce it. Hence, the ether groups (-C-O-C-) and hydroxyl groups (-OH) in sucrose are stripped away. The overall reaction is written: C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁ → 11 H₂O↑ + 12 C Turned to colorless water and black carbon, the sulfuric acid turns sugar black. The sulfuric acid needs to be concentrated to exert its dehydrating effect on sugar. This reaction should not be attempted, except by properly-trained laboratory personnel. Carefully avoid contacting the mist. It is mostly steam, but may contain traces of acid. The heat is due to the release of a tremendous amount of energy. All that heat vaporizes water producing steam—the mist is mostly water.³ Be careful to avoid the mist, as it doubtless contains traces of acid. Did you notice from the structural formula of sucrose that it contains atoms of hydrogen and oxygen? Combine them, and you get the water, formula H₂O. Just one molecule of sucrose contains 11 molecules of water. If you take those out, all that remains of a sugar molecule are 12 atoms of carbon. The black residue is mostly carbon with some excess acid. Concentrated sulfuric acid is thick and nearly colorless—oily—much like the Karo Syrup one puts on pancakes. It is an extremely dangerous acid and dehydrating agent, capable of inflicting severe burns. Follow us: @chemistry_welove for more pictures credit @chemistry.experiments
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Comment your yop 5 favourite page of instagram! 💙💙💙💙💙 Follow us: @DanielWilliams_Chemist for more pic credit
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Skøn solskinssøndag i fineste selskab med Pierre Bourdieu🙌🏼 Utrolig mange sider den mand fik skrevet🤔 #sommer #phdlife #bourdieu #sociology #sociologi #hvemderbarehavdeferie #ellerweekend
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Celebrating Ed Sheeran Day with the Supermarket Flowers from his latest album Divide. First song with the finger picking style. Can't believe I am standing at the very front of the queue to get to the front of his concert today at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. Only few hours left until the gates opens. Exciting times 🎸🎶🎙@teddysphotos #supermarketflowers #divide #edsheeran #sheerios #beginnerguitarplayer #guitar #guitarplaying #fingerpicking #guitarist #guitarplayer #learningtheguitar #edsheeranconcert #concert #gig #principalitystadium #teddyphotos #teddysquad #sorryaboutthesound #improvement #guitarfun #phdlife #london
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Here’s this coming week’s spread 🙌🏼 I’m running out of ideas on how to decorate my spread, so I asked my boyfriend for his input. He suggested a “blue and orange” them to resemble a “sunset” 😂😂 I realized I don’t have any nice orange washi tapes so this is the best I came up with, I hope I made him proud 😂 . . . Well the past 2 weeks have been a writing procrastination for me 😩 My NHS ethics has finally been approved and now I’m panicking because I need to start collecting my data ideally in the next 2 weeks. I just need to breathe and get my head in the game now!! 🤯 . . . To help me track my progress, I made a productivity log for this week. This will help me monitor my tasks and make sure that I’m not delaying any work anymore. I just hope everything will go to plan, I’m so excited to collect my data and see more progress with my research 🙏🏼 . . . #pashfam #passionplanner #passionplannerstudent #phdlife #phdstudent #phdproblems #phdinplanning #plannergirl #plannerfriends #plannercommunity
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