Is someone else around working with retinoic acid !? This is Science. You try to replicate an experiment from a published paper and it doesn’t work. 😣 Time to think about solutions. Troubleshooting is any PhD student most developed skill! 🙄 #cellculturelab #cardiacresearch #cardiacarrhythmias #science #stemcell #phd #phdstudent #phdlife #phddepression
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I wasted a lot of time ⏱ instead of working on my dissertation. To be fair, I was dealing a lot. Anxiety, depression, and a very toxic relationship we’re all things in my way including feeling completely paralyzed by writing. 📝 Sound familiar? 📚 That’s why I’m hosting this webinar on Monday. I don’t want you to waste time writing your dissertation. I want to share with you exactly what you need to know to get this damn dissertation done! ✅ • Sign up, it’ll be totally worth it. Link is in the bio!
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64% of people won’t finish their dissertation. 👀😩 • Working on something new for Monday! 👌🏾 And if you have a dissertation to finish, then you should definitely join me! • Link is in the bio! 👍🏾
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Hi, I’m Marvette and I’m joining @alexbeadon in the #doubledownonyourdms challenge! • I help doctoral students finish their dissertations so they can graduate 🎓 and become DOCTOR! • Thank you for coming to my account 💛
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Thanks to @ph_d_epression for sharing this reminder! I struggle with walking away from upsetting new stories. Instead I obsess and continually upset myself. So I'm reminding you all, it's okay to turn of the news and social media to recuperate. It's rough out there right now.
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I worked in the lab till 3:30am last night. And today I'm resonating with Rick's perspective on science. Who else feels this way about their work? Via @adultswim
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It's Monday, October 1st and this is me. But I haven't gone to bed yet. it's* Via @themememare
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So I published a thing! I’m very excited that my second publication has finally gotten accepted. • • • But here’s the thing. I find myself still not feeling like I’ve hit the “first publication” mark. Despite having published a book chapter this year, and now this review... because they’re both not primary research articles, I feel as though I haven’t exceeded my first publication milestone yet. • • • Why don’t these count in my mind? I know I’ll be publishing at least 3 primary research articles in the next 6 months (so long as they get accepted), but these types of publications hold a lot of merit. However, because of my perfectionist attitude, I can’t seem to get past that I’m still not doing enough. • • • I’m working on this. Reminding myself that I am being successful and making steps toward a productive PhD. I haven’t quite found my way to think more positively about myself as a scientist. What to you do to remind yourself of your successes? Drop your strategies below! • • • #womeninstem #labrat #neuroscience #published #gradschool #gradschoollife #phdlife #phddepression #perfectionism #selfcare #anxiety #mentalhealth #phdmentalhealth
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