Last week I randomly found this two #toystory key rings in a local store🤘🏻Since @suiclown is a huge Woody fan and myself loves Buzz, I couldn‘t resist to pick them both up 😄👌🏻 What’s your favorite animated movie? #buzz #woody #pixar #disney #keyring #buzzlightyear #pervertsmile
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Hello my friends! Time for a short comic review. And today I present you "Batman: Europa", a miniseries that was released by DC Comics from January til April 2016. It was written by Brian Azzarello with art by Jim Lee and Italian artists whom Lee had met while traveling there. Synopsis for Batman Europa: The Dark Knight is finally facing an enemy that even he can’t defeat—a deadly, custom-engineered virus that will drive him mad and then kill him within a week. But Batman isn’t the only one infected…the homicidal madman known as the Joker is also stricken. Now, the two mortal enemies must rely on each other if either one is to survive. As they keeping track of the man who targeted them has them crisscrossing Europe—following clues in Berlin, Prague, Paris and finally Rome. Can Batman and Joker survive working together? Or will the Dark Knight and his deadliest enemy die together, far from Gotham City? Well, as the storytelling has some weaknesses, the art is just great. I also really love that the story takes place at so many locations here in Europe and shows you a lot of well known places👌🏻😃 #bat#batmanpa #batman #thejoker #dccomics #com#comicew #comicbook #joker #brianazzarello #jimlee #comic #book #pervertsmile
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I need to get my life together.....but i know im not the only one 😂😂😂😂😂. Besides heaven isn't real anyway 😈😈😈😈. So maybe if you dont get this unfollow me now #alltypesoffuckery #itsabouttogodown #thisshitrightherenigga #pervertsmile #whatyouknowaboutit #sharingiscaring #classicscene #piperperri
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Damn, I really love the new @deadpoolmovie ❤️🖤 We @gordon_mcbane @acreepyclown @suiclown (thx for this awesome Deadpool shirt😍) had so much fun and we really enjoyed all the stupid sayings. IMO Deadpool 2 is even better than the first part and it’s together with the @legobatmanmovie the funniest movie I‘ve watched in the last years 👍🏻 Fun Fact: Maybe you recognized Brad Pitt in the movie, but did you know that Matt Damon also has a cameo in Deadpool 2? What are your thoughts to Deadpool 2? #dea#deadpool2 #deadpool #marvel #cinema #popcorn #movie #film #pervertsmile
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Only 1 month til we are back in @disneylandparis 🤩 Can‘t wait with @suiclown @acreepyclown @rawrmaddy and @melonbauz What are your fav Disney movies? Mine are Toy Story🚀, Mulan🐲, Peter Pan🧚‍♂️, The Lion King🦁and The Jungle Book🌿 #dis#disney #disneylandparis #disney #couplegoals #kinglouie #sleepingbeautycastle #pervertsmile
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“These aren‘t the droids you‘re looking for“ - but these are my #tea#teatime droids 🤖🍵 Fun fact🧐: Do you know that on a sweltering day, a hot drink will actually cool you better down than a cold drink? Drinking a hot drink increases the body’s heat load and the body responds to that by sweating. The output of sweat is greater than the internal heat gain, and this is where it all starts to make sense ― when the sweat evaporates from the skin, it cools us down. The sweat increases heat loss and reduces body heat storage. But be careful, if you’re drinking a hot drink in an environment where the sweat won’t evaporate ― like somewhere hot and humid ― that hot drink probably won’t do the trick. You might want to stick to a cold beverage if that’s the case👌🏻😅 #starwars #r2d2 #bb8 #darthvader #droids #tea #teapot #starwarsmug #hotdrink #pervertsmile
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Hello comic friends🙂It's again time for my weekly comic review. And today, everything's about Harley Quinn❤️🖤 The psychotic companion of the Joker is one of my fav female comic characters. So, I proudly present you the "Batman: Harley Quinn" anthology which collects a few of her best stories. This trade paperback was released in July 2015 by DC Comics and comes IMO with one of the greatest comic covers of all time by mastermind Alex Ross. The collection includes: Batman: Harley Quinn 1; Joker's Aylum II: Harley Quinn 1; Batman Gotham Knights 14, 30; Batman: Black & White 1, 3; Detective Comics 831, 837; Detective Comics: Harley Quinn 23.2 and Legends of the Dark Knight 100-page Super Spectacular 1. Like last week I'll bring you the origin story a little bit closer. Synopsis for Batman: Harley Quinn 1 by Paul Dini: Since Gotham's fall, the Joker has been relatively quiet...but that's about to change as former Arkham Asylum doctor, Harleen Quinzel, joins the Clown Prince of Crime to put him back on top. But when their unusual partnership leaves Harley a little worse for wear, she enlists Poison Ivy's help. Now the Joker and Batman are going to learn that this souped-up Harley's not going to be pushed around anymore. This tale was first published on August 11, 1999 and is part of the No Man's Land crossover. It was the first canonical appearance of #harleyquinn. Harley was originally created as a recurring character on Batman: The Animated Series (Sep 1992). Her first ever appearance in a comic book was Batman Adventures 12 (Sep 1993), albeit in the DC Animated Universe's continuity. I really love this collection, especially the older stories with Harley in her jester clothes. If you are a fan of Harley Quinn you should already own this trade paperback. If you're not sure yet and you just want to learn more about the crazed former psychiatrist, this anthology is a great start! The stories are very funny and Harley's quirky jokes and sad backstories really look deeper into the Clown Prince of Crime's squeeze. #bat#batmaneyquinn #pauldini #batman #thejoker #dccomics #com#comicreview #comicbook #joker #alexross #comic #book #pervertsmile
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