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Kāore anō te rā o te raumati kia tō. The Summer sun has not yet set!🙌☀️ . Until then I’m making most of the beautiful days. The fun doesn’t stop just because we’re back at mahi. I’m all about that work life balance, even if at times I have to remind myself 🙌 Laugh. Live. Love. Koirā, koirā!💛
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.4% is all the time you have to ”control” your client! If you’re not considering the other 99.6% of the week..success is few and far between 🤪 Let’s look at this 60 minutes of personal training that the majority of the industry sells; - it’s highly comparable to the “competition” who sell ..the same 60 mins. - It’s directly exchanging time for money - a hard thing to place value on if the you’re not sure of the outcome it will ultimately give you. - You try to achieve so much in an hour of training that it could lead to DOMS in new clientele, resulting in their NEAR decreasing over the next few days due to discomfort. - The conversation about nutrition is likely to be on the treadmill, whilst they are cooling down from an intense session. - The barriers that are causing the biggest struggles for the general population, generally happen ing their everyday life, so we need to consider this in our pgrammjng and how we can support them in the other 167 hours in a week. We know technically there is no real ”fat burning” session! And, we know that people's lifestyle’s lead to them gaining excess body fat! So to truly deliver results! ... we need to support, empathise, being self awareness, create automoniy, educate, empower, create the environment for competency, confidence and create solutions. So basically coaching for development. This is very challenging when your only real quality touch time is 1 hour per week with the client...when it comes to weight loss for the general population. You want up your game and deliver better results?, start being open and honest with the time you and the client need to invest into achieving said goal. Ultimately it will bring the gap of that goal much closer together with their present situation - and as a bi product your business will benefit!
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