This last sunset 2018 in the beach was just pure magic, just like all the year full of beauty, blessing and travel, travel and more travel ... and my first day of 2019 in the snow jajaja my life full of movement, full of extreme dimension from the beach to the snow in one day from the warm to the cold, from the city to the nature, from the incienso to the champagne jajaja and this is it ! This what I am a crazy human can be adaptable to everything that love everyone and go with the flow of the life 🙈🤣 I just see perfection in every oneeeeeee !!! No bad guys o situation o good guysss ohhh is just life !!! a hippie no so hippie, a fresa no so fresa, a Mexican no so Mexican, a human no so human, jajaja this is crazy shit but is what is it sooo thanks because is amazing !!! I just be rolling doing my best in everything for me and all my relations let’s love life and may all the beings be happy peaceful and free ❤️💖🌈 #hapinneseverywhere#2019love#gratitude#perfectioneverywhere#blessed#bendiciones
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Today’s spiritual law is the Law of Detachment: “My Actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome” • If we allow ourselves to dream, to plant intentions and to act according to our desires with true detachment to the outcome, we allow Life to flow and present the best and most appropriate results • Let’s trust in that and rest as that • Let’s Stay open to the infinity of possibilities there are in each circumstance and let’s say YES to life....all that we desire is already there...💛🧡💚 Gracias to @loveyourselfcafe for the beautiful inspiration!
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Nothing has to be perfect in order for the beauty to be there, rather eyes must open to see it. • • #photography #photooftheday #nature #beauty #flower #perfectioneverywhere #nofilter
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God shall perfect all that concerns us this month . Happy New Month Of Perfection! ----------------------------------------- #monthofperfection #doublepromotion #graceabounds #amazingmonth #perfumery #scents #perfumesbringhappiness #perfectioneverywhere #mstribe #hustlersquare #entrepreneurs #godpreneur #mymonthofmovingforward #lagosnigeria
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And we’ve only been in Iceland for like 6 hours, guys. #waterfalljunkies #perfectioneverywhere #wow
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