💙⚓Schönen Abend für Euch 💙⚓
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M a d e B y U s ❄️ 🎄 { AD } Husband (looking around lounge): ‘I think we need more decorations in here...’ Me (opening my laptop): ‘More decorations? Let’s do it’ We logged onto @canonuk #CanonCreativePark, picked a project, loaded paper into our printer, and then got crafty with scissors and glue... This bunting took about half an hour in total and cost us nothing but the ink and paper, which we already had at home - and the children really enjoyed getting crafty for the afternoon. There are so many fun projects to make - from bunting, to festive photo booth props, to mini santas and reindeers, to table centrepieces and so much more. Have a go if you have a spare afternoon in the run up to #Christmas! It’s totally free to download the projects and they’re a lot of fun to make🎅🏼🎄🎁 #CreativePark #ArtsandCraft #ad
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