A fatal accident in the past, broken lives and a family's darkest secrets revealed - all set against the backdrop of a beautiful French island. Time is a Killer by Michel Busi is a mystery thriller novel that will have you on the edge of your seat... or bed... or wherever you read #yourewelcome #PenItNow #JustPenIt
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Can you solve the mystery of where Pippi Longstocking hid The Ring? 🤔 Leave your answer in the comments below ⬇️ As always, the answer will be in our Whodunnit Insta Story ⬆️ We hope you're loving our Whodunnit Mystery Series as much as we are! #Watchthisspace for more mysteries to solve and novels to read as part of our August Month of Mystery 😎 #whodunnit #yourewelcome #PenItNow #JustPenIt
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Please enjoy this gorgeous picture full of candles, succulents and an awesome mystery book Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, courtesy of @anovelescape #yourewelcome #PenItNow #JustPenIt
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To keep your mystery story from becoming predictable, all your characters should be hiding something, making everyone a suspect - not just the mysterious man with a scar who lurks in the shadows... #predictable #writingtips #yourewelcome #PenItNow #JustPenIt
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When a 17 year old girl goes missing in her small suburban town, it's a classic mystery story where nothing is really as it seems. With enough twists and turns to knock your socks off, it's hard not to get caught up in the mystery (appologies for the terrible pun...) Make sure you Check out Caught by Harlan Coben #yourewelcome #PenItNow #JustPenIt
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The time has finally come for the first PenIt Whodunnit Mystery!!! (*Applause*) Can you figure out how Captain Hook poisoned Daenerys Targaryen? 🤔 Leave your answer in the comments ⬇️ The answer will be in our Whodunnit Insta Story ⬆️ #yourewelcome #PenItNow #JustPenIt #whodunnit
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