08.02.19 • When do I feel like my most authentic self? Alot of the time it's when I'm alone. I want to see what emotions are brought up by me sharing incredibly vulnerable moments when I am fully being me. Here I was feeling overwhelmed, but began to replace my thoughts with words of gratitude, which made me tear up with joy. Moments like this, I have never recorded or shared, even with close friends and family before. It's even a little uncomfortable for me to see myself from an outside perspective when I'm fully there in the moment with myself. - I am also slowly recognising my performative self in the everyday. Yesterday while walking home I asked myself why I was rushing? So I slowed down and made myself more aware of my feet on the ground and things around me, rather than the end goal of getting home. But when I saw someone approaching I had a urge to speed up. It was like I wanted to perform to this person - perhaps I think that walking slow it a 'bad thing so therefore felt the need to perform when confronted with someone else. I chose to ignore the need to walk fast and this actually made me feel happier with myself for choosing to stay present and aware of my own body how I wanted to use it.
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Building something new, slowly. “Yours Truly” is a new performative writing/drawing project which I have started during my 2 week time @oxbowschoolofart in Michigan at the beginning of 2019. Inspired by a letter I have received from my ma, In “Yours Truly” I am looking to understand or perhaps express Feelings, visibility&invisibility, fragile memory and how we remember a memory to reinvestigate a time. More work on this project are on the process ( that means I am still dreaming about them 🤓). Looking forward to explore more about this process and encounter where its takes me in next few months. Wish me luck ! 🤲🏿 ✨💥 ——————————————————————— #drawing #writing #peformative #gradschool #artschool #oxbow #feelings
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. tracing the position of objects . What would happen, if the objects are removed from their position? . #trace #tracing #marking #position #research #design #architecture #space #transitionalspace #inbetween #gap #event #happening #peformative #place #doing #making #movement #relational
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