November’s 2018 international pastry competition Patissiers Dans Le Monde in Tarbes, France was an intense experience judged by 3 Meuilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) among them: Gabriel Paillasson, Stephane Glacier and Pascal Moline, along with a strong selection of southwestern France’s best pastry chefs. It was preceded by days, weeks and months of prep, stress and planning. Sadly, no first place this time but nonetheless a great experience. Failures only add fuel to the fire... My smoky banana hazelnut chocolate entremets was my French-American contribution. Thanks to @sebastienlagrue along with his wife Sophie and crew for hosting me in their kitchen high in the Pyrenees. Thanks @bertoiaeric for giving me a chance, along with @parisgourmetny for sponsoring me. Thanks to @silikomartprofessional for being the main sponsor of the PDLM, and for the only pic I could find of all the judges! Thanks as well to @jfdevineau for founding this international club and creating such an event. And of course, merci @valrhonausa.
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Pièces de la finale du trophée pâtissiers dans le monde du meilleur pâtissiers de l'année 2018 !!! #pdlm2018 #PDLM #pas#pastrylifestyle #pastrylife
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Un dono incredibile da parte di uno dei concorrenti italiani del concorso Pâtissiers dans le monde! Grazie Davide del pensiero! #teamitalia #pdlm
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Un gigantesco applauso a Carmela Moffa che ha stravinto al concorso internazionale #pdlm, continuando a portare in alto la grande cultura del dolce italiano!!!!! Brava!!!!! E noi siamo ancora più fieri, perché Carmela non è solo la nostra inviata speciale a Tarbes, ma anche l’autrice, con il marito Antonio Capuano, del libro “Ispirazioni - Tecniche di decorazione in pasticceria” by @chiriotti_editori!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 @antonioecarmelacapuano @jfdevineau #festadicompleanno #ispirazioni #winner #madeinitaly #decorazione #pastryart
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Ecco alcuni dei lavori in gara al concorso mondiale #pdlm, ideato a Tarbes da @jfdevineau. Quattro gli italiani in gara, fra cui la nostra inviata speciale Carmela, @antonioecarmelacapuano! @silikomartprofessional #concour #festadicompleanno #birthday #pastry
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Chi sarà il vincitore del concorso 2018 dell’associazione Pâtissiers dans le Monde?! Stanno ora gareggiando a Tarbes, in Francia, e presto vi daremo news! @antonioecarmelacapuano @silikomartprofessional @jfdevineau #pdlm #france #patisserie
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J-1 pour nos 8 finalistes !! Demain let's go pour le podium 2018 😉!!! On vous feras partager tous cette belle journée !! #pdl#pdlm #trophee #pdlm #patisserie #finale #concours
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