How do you start your morning? . I imagine as a follower of Jesus, you likely start with some journaling, prayer, or Bible reading. Such a fulfilling way to begin!! . You probably notice when you’re in a regular practice of coming before God each day that you feel more connected to Him and in tune with his voice. . It allows you to remain spiritually healthy. . How do you start your morning for the vehicle by which you experience life, your body? . Do you go for a walk? Hit up a gym? Eat a nourishing breakfast? . Without a healthy physical start to the day, your spiritual impact is hindered. A lack of nutrients, which leads to poor energy and other challenges robs you of pouring out the way you feel led to. . Taking time for your physical health is part of you getting filled up for the day. . This is an easy way to get a nutritious start to your morning - a smoothie! . Smoothies can be sneaky UNhealthy options if not done correctly. It’s important to minimize the sugar and maximize the nutrients. . Here’s a simple recipe to jump start your morning. (Serves one) 🙏🏼8oz of unsweetened almond milk 🙏🏼1/2 cup of frozen blueberries 🙏🏼1 tbs of nut butter 🙏🏼2 scoops of @thorneresearch mediclear protein powder (message for a discount!) 🙏🏼Two handfuls of greens (spinach, arugula, kale - you pick!) . Optional: 👌🏼1 tbs of chia seeds 👌🏼1 tbs of flax seed 👌🏼1 tbs of MCT oil 👌🏼1 tsp of apple cider vinegar . Blend it all together and enjoy a spiritually AND physically healthy start to your day!! . . . . . #HealthyChurch #TheHealthyPastor #HealthyChristian #Bodies4TheBody #Nutrition #FaithBasedHealth #SpiritualHealth #Pastor #PastorLife #Church #Ministry
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