Brilliant power walk and training the other night with @x11jess #outdoortraining #parkland #sunshine #positivevibes #bestie
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Колесо и вода - атрибуты движения)) #киров #колесообозрения #парк #kirov #Ferriswheel #parkland
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“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away” - Pablo Picasso 😌🌹🧡🌏
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Another beautiful day at Thirlestane. We’re open Sunday and Monday this Bank Holiday Weekend. #bankholiday #bankholidayweekend #beautifulday #sun#sunny #parkland #fields #meadow #castle #lauder #scottishborders #bluesky #sun #sunshine
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I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a great deal of adventures in this first year after my undergraduate career. I’ve certainly faced some uphill battles, but through it all I’ve been able to come out on the other side with a great sense of gratefulness and passion to serve more! - - I’ve also realized I’m not very good at sharing some of my experiences on sms or even sharing some of the moments I was able to capture. This is my first attempt in trying to do that. #AdvocacyEdition 1) Photo with Wendy Carillo (Assemblymember representing my district back home) I ran into her after work and obviously geeked out. 2) Vanessa Cajina, Co-Chair of #latinaactionday this year! She sponsored me to attend this past weeks advocacy day (message me if you would like to hear about the bills) 3) Photo with Engineering Professor and Department Head of the CA Dept. of Water Resources. ( I met him on the bus and we had an hour long talk regarding CA’s Water infrastructure, Climate Change, and Water right’s. 4) Photo with Graduate Student Advocate, my sister, and friend Angelica. (We visited his #boycottdriscolls booth during #cesarchavezday ) 5) Photo of me and the fabulous ladies of the Supreme Court. (Taken during my visit of the Smithsonian while in DC. Of course I stood next to Justice Sotomayor #scotus ) 6) Photo with #parkland student David Hogg and my incredible mentor & friend Jessica Bartholow #wclp (I recognized David while we had just finished visiting Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office) 7) Photo of the #queen Michelle Obama. ✨ 8) Photo of #president Barack Obama (I attempted to take a selfie with his portrait, but was too embarrassed to follow through 😂) 9) Photo of our US Capitol #capitolhill (You would think the Hill would be easy to find, but I got lost two times... 😅) 10) Photo of Toni Morrison, incredible American novelist, professor, activist, etc. and Author of some of my favorite books #beloved and #songofsolomon - -
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