Life of stylist is always to transport some clothes with you #stylist #paris #galerieslafayette
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Time to trade in the grit and gruffness of NYC for some Haussmann and haughtiness (also read: snobbiness 😉) of Paris! I always feel at home on my balcony ☺️ After my trip in NYC, I was thinking of making a free mini list of « Plan B » recommendations, in case more popular recommendations didn’t work out. For example, not up for a 3 hour wait at Dominique Ansel bakery? Try ✨🤫😎✨ instead :) DM me « Plan B » to get it! #momentarylocal #nycliving #parisfrance #nyfoodie
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Il y fait beau même quand il ne fait pas beau 😀 ☀️ #paris #parisisalwaysagoodidea
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