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0.2 seconds after a meltdown....god help us when she gets older 😩🌸
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Beautiful Wednesday morning with our beautiful childrens 🤗 I thank You, Lord Jesus 😇 #evienolanomma#parenthood#schoolrun#autumn#beautifulmorning#cutebabies#simplelife#happylife#grateful#thankful#GodBless#😍😍😍😍#
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Last April, I saw photos of Kate Middleton looking fresh-faced and perfect hours after giving birth and I told myself "OMFG, I want that!!!". I knew it wasn't possible. I am no duchess with a team of hair and makeup artists and stylists at my disposal to make sure I looked impeccable, but I wanted to try to look somewhat presentable. After all, I was about to document the day Jesse came into this world and I certainly did not want to look Iike a half dead puffer fish in the pictures. Who would want that? So hours before my scheduled C-section, I went to a salon to get a haircut. I then put on long wear + waterproof makeup and went on my merry way to the delivery room. The medical team at Hirslanden Klinik did an excellent job in taking care of us. It was a such a breezy event. Me, Jesse's father, along with the doctors and nurses were joking around while they were performing the surgery. I don't think I would have such an easygoing and smooth birth experience elsewhere. 10/10. Would highly recommend. Needless to say, I was very happy with our selfies during and after the operation. This was taken less than 5 minutes after Jesse was born. I swear I would have tried to wear a cute dress and high heels if only I were not paralyzed from chest down. 😁 . . . . . . . . #birth #experience #baby #babyboy #babylove #parenthood #mom #momlife #motherhood #momsofig #csection #babybump #love #happiness #zurich #switzerland #blogger #zurichblogger #hirslanden #hirslandenbaby #instagood #instalove #igers #2018 #vanity #family #mytinytribe
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As well feeding the dogs all day you can be guaranteed he’ll be outside exploring the beautiful backyard at his Nana and Poppa’s house. 2 days a week he gets to spend time here while I’m at work and I couldn’t be more grateful that this an option for us. Exploring this magical yard 2 days a week seems like the best form of childcare if you ask me 🙈 Thanks @dms13579 for always enjoying your days with him, letting him destroy your pantry over and over again and showing him the beauty that lies within your garden 🌱
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Sometimes you just have to sit back and take it all in😌 ⠀ Life just gets better and better with The Upsy Store in our world 🌍 #grateful
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