Do you entertain sleepovers at your house? Or do you allow your child attend sleepovers? Is there an appropriate age to allow sleepovers? Are there any conditions that have to be met before your child can go for a sleep over? Let's discuss. . . . . . #parentadvice #parenting #sleepovers #parentingtips #parenting101 #parentingtalk #parenthood #parentingishard #questions #letsdiscuss
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🗣️Let's talk CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS! 🗣️⁣ ⁣ Kids don't misbehave because they WANT to. Instead, they do well if they can. That's the foundation for Collaborative Problem Solving. ⁣ ⁣ There are often a number of reasons. Overall, kids don't do what they are told because they are struggling with one of these 5 basic skill categories. These skills are so important with regards to decision making and follow through with adult requests. ⁣ ⁣ Take a look at these skill categories. If you are having a tough time with your child(ren), reach out to me and we can begin working on building these skills in your child so that their challenging behaviors don't spiral into a bigger issue. ⁣ ⁣ #collaborativeproblemsolving #parentcoaching #support #community #specialneeds #parentjourney #con#consciousparent/a> #consciousparent #par#parentingwins #parentingtoddlers #parentingtweens #parentingteens #min#mindfulparent/a> #parentsupport #mindfulparent #entreprenuer #momprenuer #momlife #parenthood #parenting #motherhood #parentadvice #familylife #parentingchallenges #parentingadvice #boundaries #selfrespect #holdtheboundary #limitsetting⁣ ⁣ ⁣
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This is a question I get a lot. It can also come in the form of, "I think my child is about to come out...?" This post has some suggestions to do directly following your child coming out. . Breathe! Many parents forget to do this and it leads to them freaking out and saying things they shouldn't say. Take a breath, center yourself, and think about how you want to respond. . This is a HUGE thing to do. Thank them for sharing this part of themselves with you. DO NOT question why they didn't tell you sooner. This is a common mistakes I see parents make. Guess what, it doesn't matter why. They are telling you now, focus on that. . Many parents want as much information as possible and can get frustrated when they don't get more. Do not pry! It takes a lot of emotional labor to come out. Respect how much they want to tell you. Not forcing them will set the scene for more conversations in the future. . You are not the expert! This can be difficult to hear. You aren't, that's ok! We teach parents that they should know everything and be ready at a moment's notice. This isn't true. You can say to your child, "I love you so much, this is completely new for me and I look forward to learning more while supporting the crap out of you." Step back and learn. Pretending to be an expert closes you off to learning and growing. . A lot can come up in this moment, however, your child is not your baggage handler. Do not put your questions and unprocessed thoughts and feelings on them. Find yourself some support like therapy, a parent group, local organizations, etc. Expecting your child to address your concerns when they come out isn't fair. Just be with them in the moment and then carry your baggage to a place that can help you sort it. . In uncomfortable and vulnerable situations many people turn to humor as a defense. Do not make fun of your child's identity. Stifle that urge and sit in the vulnerability with them. . If your child uses new, or ask you to use new pronouns, use them. This displays a level of support that is extremely important for a child. It's challenging, it takes work, mistakes will happen. Learn, grow, and support.
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#Repost from @aimi.bali with ... Reposted from @aimi_asi - [Lupakan si Bau Tangan] . Wajar kalau bayi terutama newborn senang digendong, dipeluk, didekap & sering menyusu. Berada di dekat ibu, dalam dekapan ibu adalah hal yang bisa mengingatkannya tentang betapa indahnya masa dalam rahim, “rumah”nya selama berbulan bulan lamanya: rumah pertama yang dia kenal. . Sejatinya, manusia itu tergolong mamalia yg punya sifat “carry mammals“. Bayi mamalia ditakdirkan melekat pada induknya dgn cara berbeda-beda, yg terbagi 4 kelompok: 1️⃣ “Cache mammals" ➡️ induk tikus, kelinci yg menyimpan bayi mereka di tempat persembunyian yg aman dan cukup menyusui tiap 12 jam. 2️⃣ “Nest mammals" ➡️ anak anjing, kucing terbukti lebih manja, mereka butuh kehangatan tiap beberapa jam sambil menyusu. 3️⃣ “Follow mammals" ➡️ bayi sapi, jerapah, gajah betah ikut kemanapun induknya pergi dan menyusu kapan saja. 4️⃣ “Carry mammals" ➡️ kelompok mamalia paling imatur saat lahir, antara lain monyet, marsupials (kanguru dkk), & manusia yg membutuhkan kehangatan tubuh ibu nyaris sepanjang hari. . Manfaatkan periode ini untuk menyusui sesering mungkin, untuk meningkatkan produksi ASI kita. Susui bayi sesering dia mau dengan posisi dan pelekatan yg efektif. . Belajar teknik2 menggendong yang benar dan nyaman agar ibu bisa tetap bergerak ke sana sini dengan bayi nyaman dan aman di pelukan ibu. Bisa lho follow akun @nusantara_menggendong dan @jabodetabek_menggendong 😘😘😘 . Kerjaan rumah menumpuk? Ibu sering makan terlambat? Yuk atur lagi prioritas. Kesehatan bayi dan ibu adalah yang utama di masa2 awal setelah kelahiran. Turunkan standar harian. Diskusi dengan suami dan keluarga untuk berbagi peran & mendapatkan dukungan. . Fase ini tidak akan lama. Bayi hanya sedang menjalani transisi dan adaptasi dengan dunianya serta proses pemantapan menyusui. Bantu dia untuk menjalaninya yuk ❤️ . Catatan: Poster pertama milik Lucy Ruddle IBCLC. Poster kedua dan seterusnya milik AIMI. . #beruntungdidukung - #regrann #babyspa #babyspabali #parentingtips #tipsmerawatbayi #pijatbayidenpasar #babyspadenpasar . #TipsParenting #MamaPapa #ParentTalks #ParentAdvice #TipsAnak #TipsBalita #TipsSiKecil #Makana
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Remember times when you felt low and discouraged and your inner voice told you something someone said to you in the past, and then you felt gingered and ready to push forward past the challenge you were facing? This is the reason why we need to be careful what we say to our children, and we need to also help them to be able to sift out the negative stuff people might tell them. Do you use affirmations with your children? You could try it out and help give them an inner voice that acts as a source of strength when they need it. . . . . . #parentingadvice #parentadvice #parentmemes #parenthood #positiveparenting #intentionalparenting #dailyparenting #consciousparenting #parentingwin #parentingtips #parentingguide
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Ini khusus buat Mams yang anaknya sudah gede yah. Kalau masih balita boro-boro bisa BAB, mandi aja kaya bebek yang penting basah  . Nah, Kalau Mams yang mana nih? . . . #TipsParenting #MamaPapa #ParentTalks #ParentAdvice #MampapsPalingPahamPasutri
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I am super excited to be here again to explore with my husband! The last time we were here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾 we had all three of the kids with us on school vacation. We absolutely had an amazing time here!! (Obviously or we wouldn’t be back 🙃😉) Prior to our family moving to Australia 🇦🇺 we were riddled sports, school activities and whatever else they had going on and we didn’t really make the time for “family” trips as often as we should have but we always had our Summer trip to the lake. We really utilized the year round schooling in Australia and planned family time, sometimes even “no tech” vacation!!! Those are memories I wouldn’t trade for anything. They truly are some of the best times in my life. It doesn’t have to be to other countries, it can be the beach, a park, wherever your budget can take you, but plan family time as often as you can! Parents of younger children, take heed, time will slip through your fingers faster than you can ever realize.. yes we all hear it and have heard it before, but I am telling you it is almost as if I blinked and my children were grown. Enjoy the battles, enjoy the temper tantrums, the good, the bad and the ugly.. I saw a friend of mine post the other day a conversation between her two sons, and it flicked like a movie real back to some of my children’s conversations when they too were young... but those moments were a lifetime ago... here is one of my wishes.. I wish I had gotten a diary for each of the kids and wrote stuff in them throughout their lives for them and myself to have as the time goes on.. so parents of smaller children, trust me on this, write these moments down because before long, you too will be looking back wondering where the time went. 💋 #EnjoyTheMoments #parentadvice #vac#vacationswithkids #lovemyfamily #timeslipsaway #momtomom #keepjournals #storyoftheirlife #storybook #children #myworld #vacations #familyvacations #lifeistooshort #youblinkandtheyaregrown
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