“Pull Day” - because at the end of these 12 weeks I want to be able to do at least 6 pull-ups. Realistically, 6 is probably a low number; but when you can, always #underpromise #overdeliver 😅 ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ #fit #fitness #girlswholift #motivation #gym #gains #juststrongambassador #fitlife #bodygoals #pullday
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Overnight success is in our genes. Blow one client’s mind at a time. Overdeliver. Get referrals. #overdeliver #getreferrals⠀ Listen to the Keynote here: ⠀ https://buff.ly/2s3b3NM
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Today’s contribution to @18strong_ #mobilitymay is my modified version on what is known as the CHEK Press. There are other, more challenging variations but this is a good start. In order for a #golfer to get their arms up into a good backswing position the Scapulothoracic and Glenohumeral joints need to work seamlessly together. This exercise adds loads to my previous post of the shoulder clock #exercise. Sit tall on a bench or physio ball. Start with light dumbbells. Elbows inside the shoulders, palms facing you. Externally rotate to retract the scapula trying to align the forearms with the spine. Begin to press overhead (upward rotation of the scapula). Pull back down until the upper arm is parallel to the floor (downward rotation of the scapula). Finish by internally rotating back the start. Effectively works: rhomboids, middle and lower trapezius, lats, serratus anterior, and deltoids while lengthening the pec minor and levator scapula. Open-up-down-in. #playgolfbetter #brettthegolfguy
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Early mornings, late nights, conference calls, job sites, floor plans, decor spec’d...always do more than your clients expect. 🖤
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Swipe ⬅ Ponytail #Perm with #FlexiRods (Thanx to Larissa for assisting me . Texture is her specialty ) . I swear I love when students turn down #Perms. When I have a perm evaluation on my worksheet . Doing a perm on a live guest , is hard to come by . SN ; She was pleased with the results of my services . Nice curl formation & 🚫 Rotten egg smell . OAN : Perms can take up anywhere from 3 - 4 hrs . I love @hairbymonamarie accent 🤣 . . . #UnderPromise #OverDeliver #LikeWine #IllGetBetterWithTime #RepetitionIsTheKeyToGreatness #LetQiSlayYourHair #EnhanceYour #Beauty #Cuties #VersatileHairstylist #ServicingAllEthnicities #DontJustLook #Book
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Client meetings, activations and shoots all across the country. - That's the life of a Digital Agency owner & founder. - We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for each of our clients - literally. - Looking forward to being on the road for client work again soon 😎 • #headofbrand #sociallypowerful #hustle #gotheextramile #overdeliver #extravalue #entrepreneurmindset #businessminded #marketingagency #proud
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I'm guilty of comparing myself to others.🙇 When I catch myself in one of those situations I stop and literally ask myself: 《Why are you here beating yourself up for someone you're not, devaluating your own qualities and skills?》 《Why on earth aren't you using this time to connect with your audience, get to know them better and add value to them?》 * This pep talk awakes in me my true purpose of helping and serving other like-minded minded young women.🌟 I love sharing my knowledge and my past experience because I know that this can help someone who went through the same struggles or had similar questions as those I used to ask myself and now have an answer.🙌 * Does this resonate with you?💬💕
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Oliver the monster Sugar Faced Vizsla, waking up with a yawn - off to a new day
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