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🚘The Unexpected Ford Galaxie 500: . So here’s the story. During my visit to my mates house down at Bournemouth we were making our way to the nearby park for a afternoon stroll, while heading down we pass by a few neighbours. Then one car caught my attention. A 1989 Mercedes AMG 560 SEC, a rare sight to behold. I asked the old man who was watering his flower “HEY!! do you own this??” He first thought I was asking about the land the. I clarified and said the car. He said yes with a slight surprised face as he did not expect someone that young to ever appreciate old cars, the old man then started to get more excited and start to share his ownership of car and what he also had hidden in the garage. With the sun quickly setting we Thank the old man and continued our way to the park. Around 1 hour later while walking back to same direction back to the house he old man quick yell with joy and passion and said “ You wanna see the old American cars” and I quickly replied “Hell yeah”. He quickly ran into his house and raised the garage doors and as the doors open it reviewed two 60’s American classics a Ford and a Cadillac. I then started to ask him about the details and he replied with passion which reminded me of my host which I used to live with where we fixed up classic cars and brought them to car shows. At the end of the conversation we exchange contacts and bid each other farewell. Ladies and gentlemen this is why I am proud to be part of the car community. I am surround with people with passion and enthusiasm where the story of a car goes beyond just a car and where knowledge and history could be shared. . . 📱Please comment what you think below👇🏻 . . 📷Camera: Canon EOS 1500D 📷 . . #rawurbanshots #petrolicious #visualambassadors #gramslayers #createcommune #capturestreets #streetphotographers #visionofpictures #visualslayers #visualmobs #savageframes #moodygrams #creativeoptic #bevisuallyinspired #weekly_feature #automotivephotography #eclectic_shotz #thecreatorclass #urbanandstreet #streets_vision #streetshot #ourstreetdays #streetclassics #lensculturestreets #zonestreet #urbanromantix #houseoftones #visualsoflife #drivetastefully #ourstreets .
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🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯. . My fav alley. . . . . . . . . . . .
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