Gently gypsum flows like waves that cascade a mirrored image of snow in the middle of a desert landscape. Each step we make piled upon one million other visitors, in a land that seems as if nobody but us has ever been here. It is winter in NewMexico and the sand is cold beneath our feet. Although somehow mid day the sun kisses our skin with warmth. The dunes are a gift, with each rolling hill you become lost in another drift. It would be an easy task to loose your way within the dust of this landscape.⠀ New friends enjoy this journey with us. Mollie is buried once and digs her toes deep in the sand. As I write this I watch my daughter walk miles off into the horizon, she is safe and I seek a moment of peace to breath in this place. Soft laughter and voices far off in the distance as people perch on their dunes awaiting the sun to set where the waves of sand will become pink with incandescence. We will stay for days, it is hard to leave such places.⠀ •⠀ Diary entry: December 8th, 2018⠀ •⠀ White Sands National Monument
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We have sold the van and have been in a “house” for just over 3 weeks. But going into this transition we were excited and honestly a little scared. Our home had been able to go with us everywhere we wanted it to. Going with us to the furthest place north in the UK (Shetland), Geiranger Fjord in Norway, and even the alps of Switzerland, Italy, and Austria—Isobel had been able to come with us everywhere. But now we are stationary. In one spot. In the furthest place we thought we’d land. But surprisingly, we are wildly content—happy actually. We have found that cliché saying that was in our van: home is where you park it, to be quite true. So we have “parked” up in Southern Oregon and it is home and we love it. #homeiswhereyouparkit #vantrails #arboursabroad - - - - - - #adventureworthy #borntoroam #van#vanliferevolution #camperlifestyle #campervanlife #thisisvanlifing #funontheroad #1000contemporarynomads #ourhomeonwheels #projectvanlife #campersjournal #sprintervan #vandwelling #vanlife #vancrush #vanlifers #vandwellinglife #vanlifeideas #vanlifestyle #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #wanderlust #wildernessculture #nomadlife #travelblog #letscamp #vanlifedreams
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Dostadning is a Swedish word that translates to death cleaning. It is the process of decluttering before you die so that your loved ones, in their grief, are not left to the task of sorting and sifting. Why am I talking about this? Because a theme in our family for many years now has been that we have too much and not enough. Too much junk, too much of a focus on the things that do not serve us, too much time spent on moments that do not bring value or joy to our lives. Not enough? Well, the opposite of all of the too much. And though we have rectified a lot of the too much/not enough by way of simplifying, decluttering and traveling, our need for personal growth has not ended. It never will, thank goodness. So that’s why I’m talking about dostdadning. That’s why I’d love it if you clicked on the link up above to read a candid, vulnerable blog post from my heart. That’s why I hope you’ll engage in this conversation with me. But first! Super important! Having too much and not enough DOES NOT EVER reflect on your identity. You are NOT too much. You are EXACTLY enough. Glad we got that settled. Go read, then let’s chat. 🖤
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This is a “Road-Schooled“ Kid... • We went to The Reid Park Zoo in Tuscon today and we’re surprised at how different some of the animals are compared to the animals we have at our zoos back home. As much as I’m not for animals in captivity some zoos are taking great part in working to bring endangered species rates up and I can totally get behind that. This little lady was in control of the map today and was asked to read each information board at each animal. • We also had fun putting thoughts and voices into the minds of the animals. My personal favourite thing. Check our stories today for a chuckle.
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What do you think about this boondocking spot? 😲🚐
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