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😍WCW😍 yummy mommy @lilyliloh 💕looking so lovely in a tent dress by us 💕 thank you love for your support 😘 #dressedbyus #Customerappreciation #heresign #ourfabric #tailoredperfection #mad#madeinkenyanyans #madeinkenya #orderyourstoday Dress ksh 2,500 ☎ 0708287735
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Throwing it back to last Sunday when Kim and I had the opportunity to visit #AssinManso also known as the Ancestral River Park. After brutally capturing our ancestors, in Nigeria, Benin and/or Togo...and forcing them to walk all the way to Ghana, Assin Manson is a place where the British took African Men, Women and Children for their last bath, before being auctioned and branded like cattle. Literally Branded. However they were not worth nearly as much as cattle. You could purchase one horse for 50 slaves. So a horse was worth more than a human being. The purpose of the last bath was to clean the blood off our ancestors..and make them clean and presentable for the auction...aka selling them to white people. 🤷🏾‍♀️ If they survived the walk to their last bath and then successfully sold they were then forced to walk all the way to the Cape Coast slave castle to be held in a dungeon with 1000 men for up to 2 to 3 months before going thru the #DoorOfNoReturn and boarding a ship for 3 months to either Brazil, Europe or America. After being captured they stayed in chains the ENTIRE time until they reached America, Brazil or Europe. They did not have restrooms. They laid in their waste..and each others waste. If a woman was menstruating she laid in her blood..and the blood of the women near her the ENTIRE time they were in the dungeon and the entire time they were in the ship. They were fed the bare minimum. If a person became weak during the walk to the last bath..they were strapped to a tree and left to be eaten alive by wild animals. Kim and I were able to walk barefoot the same path as our ancestors to the river. Needless to say it was a very powerful experience. #WriteYourVision #ThisIsWhyIVote #ThisIsAfrica #OurHistory #Grateful #OurFabric #StayWoke #ForReal #Ghana
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Someone made cushion covers out of our embroidered raw silk. #cushioncovers #rawsilk #ourfabric #beautiful #lovely
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@mads_bags is at it again with another fabulous creation! We love all the different styles she makes, all with our fabric! #@mads_bags #bags #socute #beautiful #ourfabric
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Late post😁 😍WCW😍 beautiful @carolmunyao 💕looking so gorgeous in a high low dress by us 💕 thank you love for your support 😘 Dress Ksh 3,500 #dressedbyus #Customerappreciation #heresign #ourfabric #tailoredperfection #mad#madeinkenyanyans #madeinkenya #orderyourstoday ☎ 0708287735
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