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Why are people averse to #changing their #beliefs so much? Here's one of the reasons explained in #Psychology... It's just much more easy to justify whatever you think/believe, rather than start from scratch and figure out things. This is also why people choose to remain in relationships even though they aren't very happy: it's okay, maybe this is how it is, I don't deserve more, others may be even worse, I don't want to go through the process of getting to know another person, etc. Same thing happens with a job you're in that ceases to keep you engaged.
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Via @the_karmicdestiny • • • • • • Guidance oracle 1/17/18✨ 🌺 Self ~ Love🌺 Some of the biggest obstacles to self love are self criticism and perfectionism, which lead to harsh judgment of the self, closing down eventually, illness. Have you been trying to compete with others, get approval from people ,your family or a relationship, or simply pushing yourself too hard? If so, spur says we need to soften start listening to your body. Focus on keeping your heart open a practice energy and recognizing the good in yourself and others. Spirit beckons you to breathe love in and out of every moment the day.! 🕊Ask yourself what changes do I need to make to my daily routine so that love can pulsate through every breath, action and relationship I engage in? Choose to open your heart trough softness deep breathing ,relaxation , movement, finding beauty in nature, your home, your pain, in your love and in your sadness.🕊 Take time out to get to know yourself and what works for you in this particular cycle of your life!🌺#selflove #appreciation #recognizegood#beauty#relaxation #openyourheart#spiritualawakening #acceptyourbeauty #aknowledge #confidence #releaseselfcritisism#positivethinking #focusonyourself #openness #youarespecial 🌸 #the_karmicdestiny
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for some of us love is linked to pain in thought as we maybe in our childhood felt that in our openness and total surrender to Love our open heart was used for selfish interest we felt violated so we put up guards to naturally protect us and we stopped to feel to experience and started to think Life to manage Life/love in thought we felt that love is not safe and at the same time was love everything we knew to be true everything that we wanted and our heart was longing for love is not attached to pain love knows know opposite our entire being IS love everything (equals nothing) arises as love YOU ARE! love as this present here is the forever safety are not bound to a circumstance or state or to the imagined wants and will of a seeming other so ourselves the conclusion we have back then shaped that love is dangerous was from a frightened mind that has believed the illusion of 'someone/something separate' to be true so a dangerous Life/a dangerous stranger/a dangerous parent ... that has power over and can use us yet is it forever Life's/gods/loves will acting as WHAT IS are we this! and is our mind home in itself already HERE NOW only openness and the total surrender with healthy human boundaries, a clear yes and no the willingness to change when change is, when we can so the acceptance when 'what is' can't be changed and the surrender to it to not fake our now but to be it heartfully is the invitation for us to physically experience BE the love that we are WILD & FREE read these words with your heart you are your loving Self nothing 'else' ever existed ❤
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