Stunning butterfly shaped tables for a table plan from our friends at @candyforrest - heart shaped Ferrero/Lindt seating plan - pale pink glitter with white ribbon and tiny bows ❤️❤️❤️ stunning! . . . #wedding #weddingday #weddinginspiration #seatingplan #ontheday #butterfly #pink #glitter #bridal #ido #weddingstationery #bows
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We love our #watercolour collection of #ontheday items! ⠀ ⠀ Opting for a stationery theme for your big day helps to set the tone & impress your guests! 💜 Get in touch to see how we can help ➡ ⠀ ⠀ #weddingstationery #stationery #theme #manchester
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#OnTheDay I was at the beach with my guy. I will always miss him. #Ouch
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Menus // yesterday’s calligraphy menu got so much love I thought I’d share another. I just love making menus bespoke for each guest, so personal! Enjoy the sunshine today ☀️
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Life of the Party - 2 out of 5 stars #MovieReviewMonday #FreddieBMovieReview Starring: Melissa McCarthy Plot is very sparse and empty. Filled with disjointed story arcs. The movie overall just has no plausibility. Movie is just a collection of Melissa McCarthy comedic bits and even those are not super funny but she overall gets the job done in the comedy arena. Any lesser comedic actress and this movie would fall completely flat. There are funny parts in the movie but they all are connected to McCarthy. McCarthy really makes the movie because she IS the movie. The whole movie is just accessories to whatever she did, is doing or about to do. Just about every situation that isn't a comedic riff by McCarthy in the movie is there just to make a story but it has no substance. There was nice (albeit small and minor) twist on the movie that come in the middle that adds a little slunk to the movie but maybe it could've been mined for more effect after the reveal? Just seems like alot of potential storylines in this movie could've been worked but were all not pursued in favor of letting McCarthy run wild and do her thing. (for better or for worse)
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Beaut of a Monday spent at @hazelgapbarn today in glorious sunshine with @numbertwentyseven_ & @matthoran85 shooting some epic foliage displays & even managed to squeeze in a little product photography for me including this table plan, these are SO HARD to photograph when not in situ... if you’ve had a table plan made by me please do share your pics with me as I’d love to see them! - - - #tableplan #wedding #hazelgapbarn #nottinghamwedding #barnwedding #weddingphotographer #underthefloralspell #weddingcalligraphy #moderncalligraphy #brushlettering #weddingstationery #weddingstyle #ontheday #weddingdetails #savethedate #calligraphy #weddingcalligrapher #weddingdecor #seatingplan #bridetobe
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