A goal of mine: get people to ask better questions. ⠀ Nicole came to me with ALL the questions. And as we problem-solved the mobility issues going on with her body, she also learned how to problem solve for the people who hire her. ⠀ This is what it is about. It does not need a label. Nicole is someone who cares about learning and bettering her craft. ⠀ That is the kind of student we should all strive to be. ⠀ #HunterFitness #functionalrangeconditioning #kinstretch#Repost @nicolesciacca ・・・ ...|||... Have you ever loved something so much, you’ve had to take a good hard look at its flaws, and then learned how to love it differently? I have been and I am currently doing this with yoga. Primarily the shapes. The way we epitomize, glorify, sensualize, covet and then eventually and hopefully let go of the NEED to make the “shapes”. I feel so fortunate to have befriended and studied with @hunterfitness now for almost a year. The irony is that he’s taught me more about yoga in teaching me about the science of mobility than I could have imagined. Today a little magic took place when I came into class w (unspoken about) nerve pain in my left hamstring and 75 min later the pain was completely gone. Look, I love yoga. And just like every relationship, it needs to be evaluated frequently. There is not a cure for everything. There is no magic pill. There is inquisition, hard work, and more inquisition. This is my open thank you letter to Hunter for not only opening my eyes but carefully and gently guiding me off the ledge and onto my ass where I could sit and take a hard look at what is before me. Find people who know more than you and start asking questions. You’ll never regret that. Or maybe you will, but give it time...
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The simplest home gym I've ever had. Thanks to @onnit for the workout. #ketllebell #fitness #onnit #onnitacademy
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How to have a happy life - Work on yourself, love yourself, and beleive in yourself. . It's not always the easiest things to do. And you have to remind yourself daily, but in time they will become natural habits...and in turn you will be creating your OWN happiness. Not dependent on anything or anyone else.... . Remember true health can't be sustained without happiness .:. #holisticlifestyle Much ❤ . . .  #miamifitness #sandiegofitness #fitfam #spirituallyfit #21dayfix #healthcoach #nutritioncoach #healthychoices #positivevibes #cleaneating #eatclean  #wellness #holisticcoach #onnit
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The more you learn, the more you earn. 📚💰 Internet Marketing Essentials #wifimoneyclub
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Had the most amazing day filming with the beautiful @jenamays and @reesevphoto and @seanyoonity 😁🙌🏻🎉 Blessed beyond belief. You guys just WAIT for the sick content Reese is going to put together from what we filmed 🤩 I ain’t even ready 🙈
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Tested out my new Howler Monkey, Primal Kettlebell from @onnit for a little sand workout! After sand volleyball! I loved it !! #onnit #onnitkettlebells #primal #howlermonkey #volleyball #sandvolleyball #elpaso #texas
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